Could Google+ ever dominate Facebook?

by Lokahi
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Everyone said Myspace was forever, but look at it now. Same for Facebook. Just a few short years ago, Facebook was 'king'. But Google+ and even Pinterest is creeping up, making their own niche mark. Do you think it's possible Google+ or even Pinterest could take over Facebook's spot in social networking?
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    The way Face Book keeps changing Privacy for members, I am afraid many people don't like it. Not many people appreciate Face Book privacy,,, if Face book keep disrespecting its members, then I am afraid, one day it will lose its charm.
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      i think every social media platform will have its peak. But facebook is at this moment the #1 popular website of the world (yes, google is #2 is you check out Alexa) Im wondering for how long Facebook will stay at #1
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    I think it will, if Facebook will continue it's pursuit for money with annoying users

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    Facebook has dominated every website in the world, including google itself
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    They should do some very big change and marketing campaign to be the No.1.
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    A big disadvantage to G+ is there lack of a proper API and an app system. Thats what made Facebook what it is, the apps and the games. Until G+ gains a app system and an API it will always be a second to Facebook.
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    I like the fact G+ lets you join the conversation kinda like twitter with the whats trending and giving you the chance to jump into the feed. But I think Facebook is geared towards making friends and G+ wants you to make business contacts...just my opinion.
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    Google has their powerful search features in GPlus which has prompted Facebook to integrate Bing. So Google must have Facebook worried about something.
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    No one really knows what will happen but I would think that Google will still be on top of the list. There may be sites that are going as number one now but still Google is tough to compete with and there are a lot of sites who already made it to the top but did not last long. Unlike Google who is still on top.
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    I dont think so, Facebook is getting better day after day.
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    I don't think Google+ could ever beat Facebook. Just like anything whoever makes it 1st will always dominate, unless something climactic happens. Google dominate search engines and Facebook dominates social media. Each should be happy in their place.
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    I have quite a nice group of followers on G+ - it's probably the social network I enjoy the most. I've found that the content is usually in longer form, especially compared to Twitter.
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    how is google+ going to be #1 when nobody uses it?
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    wherever the people are that will always be what is dominant as which site it is doesn't matter. you need to go to where the traffic is.
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    Facebook always keep changing their mind. but Google + is going on Top....

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    As long as people's mothers and grandmothers are using FB, it will be the prevailent medium for social media.

    IF Google can convince those people to be on Google +, which is possibole, then it will be lights out for FB. All generations use, or are likely to use, GMail and google search. THAT is where Google can make headway.
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    Well, very less chances because Facebook dominates the no. 1 social media site position from a long time.
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    I don't think G+ will ever dominate Facebook. It is far less user friendly to those who are less tech-savvy, while Facebook accommodates both and has an easy front-end interface with a backend for those who want to develop their pages a little more.
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    I already using all the using them i come to know that g+ is maintained their security very well...means their is a liitle very chance to do scams in g+ but we can do it in facebook and pinterest very easily....there is a little security in facebook but pinterest is free of security...

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    Facebook is every popular website in the world
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    Facebook can't be dominated by any social media sites. Facebook will remain in its place. Google plus is also good in its way. In case of dominating Facebook by Google+, it is impossible till date.
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    There is always going to be a new social network popping up here and there keeping the likes of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google + and a few others on their toes to keep them developing.

    Some fail and crumble like MySpace. At the minute most of the social networks are not to similar, each has their own plus points and features that the other doesn't. Until something comes out that incorporates all the social networks and is mind blowing that we will see one of them getting taken over.

    Back to the point, Google + has a long way to go, general everyday people are still a little skeptical about using it for personal use.
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    If Google is gonna beat FB, it's still very very far ahead as users are still hesitant to try a new network if FB already satisfies their needs. However who knows, FB also started from a small group of users.
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    I think we have to look at social marketing like shifting sands....things will ALWAYS be changing. Anything social media or internet marketing related is a never ending learning game and you have to stay on top of it.
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