How to get good traffic to my blog making connections in social networks?

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I find a lot of people belonging to the same marketing niche as me. How do I get them to my blog? Can I write a random person from the same niche a message to invite him or her to my profile where I announce my blog posts in status updates in social networks like Facebook? Is it spam? If not what should I write them? Can I send the same message to many random people interested in my niche? What to do next and what to expect? I don't want them to be my business partners - I just need blog readers. Do you have an experience like this? Please, share. Thanks!
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  • The best way to get your social media community kickstarted is by actually talking to the influentials in your niche. So let's say that you are part of the social media marketing niche, you would look for other Facebook groups are that pertain to your niche... Then find the person that created that group and is the "man in charge".

    From there, you just want to strike a friendly conversation with him! Most of the time, since you are running the same types of groups, and you should be sharing the same interest... You guys will end up building a good amount of rapport with each other.

    Just let them know, that if they help you from the beginning, and tell their group about yours to get you some fans and get you started... That when you eventually get to where he ALREADY is, that you will return the favor and send some new traffic his way!

    A lot of people can truly respect that and will have no problem helping you kickstart your group. If you do this with 3-5 influentials in your niche, then you will be good to go and up and running the next day!
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