When joining Pinterest, link to Facebook acct?

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Super newbie question here but I want to make sure to do this right. WHen signing up for Pinterest for business marketing purposes, it asks to sign up through Facebook account (via my business fan page) or through email. I was gonna do the Facebook method unless that is not advised. What do you guys recommend? I know I'm supposed to verify my webpage through Pinterest but should I link it to my Facebook fan page too?
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    If I remember correct, you can link pinterest with your profile, not with fan page, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, if your profile is related to your business on pinterest, I suggest to link them. On facebook you can edit your pinterest app privacy, so you can choose it will be visible for public or not.
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    Yes, you can link pinterest with your profile, not with fan page and it will beneficial, your Pinterest post automatically posted on Facebook profile.

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