How do people earn money from twitter?

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Hi, Well, I was not a big fan of twitter. I have become now after using it on my android phone and there's one question bugging me. How do people earn money on twitter? I've had seen many account with massive following. I wonder what's the use of it? What benefit they are getting from it?

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    You can also set up a welcome page for your new followers and put a CPA offer on it to promote there in a non spammy way. Every time someone follows you they will see the page and take your offer. Just get new people to follow you and convert them into sign ups you get paid for. Send your existing followers links to your valuable content on your blog supported with your affiliate ads and make money. Get Twitter traffic to your mailing list to grow your steady customer base.
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    The more followers you have, the better if you’re planning to make money using this social networking site. Once you’ve had enough followers to get started with the business, you can send ads to these people. Every click that is made to the ad on your Twitter account, you’ll get a commission from it. This method of earning money is already tried and tested by so many people already so you might want to give this a try.
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    I've thought about doing this ever since I got a twitter account, although I'm afraid of losing followers because of tweets of this kind.. I'll check out those links pingsters!
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