Facebook Metrics: Daily, Weekly, Monthly - Can someone explain (no, like, for real)

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My apologies if this has already been discussed. I tried searching but didn't find anything.

I work for a medium-sized agency with multiple clients. Obviously, we're under the gun to report the results of our efforts, which I think we do very effectively as we've spent a lot of time thinking about what metrics actually matter the most (another discussion that I'd love to have with the folks here on WF, but I digress).

However, when it comes to Facebook and picking between reporting Daily, Weekly, or Monthly (28 Day), we discovered that there seems to be no agreed upon way to measure this.

For instance, we wanted to see how many Monthly (28 Day) Engaged Users we had from April to June (end of June). Understanding that the 28 Day metric is pulled from the date or post selected and 28 Days prior to that, we selected the following dates: April 30th to June 30th. This gave us 257,832 engaged users.

However, reverse engineering this to see just how this # is calculated, we did each month individually (still using 28 Day). The results are as follows:

April 30: 0 (page wasn't started yet)
May 31: 6,467
June 30: 9,452

Total: 15,919

This is a huge difference from our original number of 257,832. And it leaves us saying: WTF? And when we can't find anywhere or anyone actually discussing this online, it leaves us saying double WTF? Can anyone shed light on the logic behind these metrics? It would be much appreciated.

TL;DR - How are the Facebook metrics Daily, Weekly, and Monthly (28 Day) calculated, especially if you're looking at a span of multiple months??
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