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by sucka
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Hey there!
So, I am building up a new fan page on Facebook. Some kind of a brand page with clothing, fashion, swag and stuff I am currently not trying to sell anything on it. It has about 200 likes now.

Since I am not really into facebook ads I am planning to advertise it with a bigger page I own (with 157K likes). However, I am currently sharing images of the smaller brand page on the bigger page once a day. Every share gets about 300-500 likes.

Now the problem: People are liking the shared images directly without opening them, which means their likes only count for the bigger page, which is quite worthless (as I also see in every post resluting in just 5-6 new likes for my brand page). So, my 157K page gets all the image likes while the original pic on my brand page receives just some of them (about 20).

There must be a better way to advertise the brand page with an audience of 157K people.

Any suggestions to get around that?

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    I am curious about this as well.

    My Website Bored Badger

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      Originally Posted by adamvanwildest View Post

      I am curious about this as well.
      This is the problem. most of us face, there is no short cut.
      You have to try to promote images of smaller page on the bigger once a day, its a good strategy, however you cannot force fans of bigger page to forcibly like the images on the smaller page.
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    Ye, nobody?
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    Hi Sucka,

    I was facing a similar problem, My Problem was monetizing the content which was being shared on the fan pages, since Fans were simply liking the things which i was sharing and that wasnt making me any money. It was then- i made WordPress LikeRedirect Plugin.

    What i currently do is that, i put up a interesting post/Picture or any other content on my wordpress blog and then share that post with my fan page with a headline saying first 100 people to like my blog post will get a Chance to Win "X" Stuff (Say a iPhone 5)

    So, because of the incentive involved, people start liking my post like crazy. What they do is that they click the blog post which i have shared on my fan page and then click the "Like Button" Beneath the post. As soon as they do that they are redirected to a new page with a "iPhone 5 CPA offer" and most of them fill up the same (i make $1.5/CPA)

    As soon as the blog post gets 100 Likes, all the other fans clicking the like button are redirected to offer expired page

    Also, i can customize the content which will be liked by the Fans when they click the like button (So it can be changed to another fan page )

    All this is possible with the help of WordPress Facebook Like Redirect Plugin plugin

    Let me know if you need any help. i can even give you a free copy to evaluate with your fan page.

    Hope it help.
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