FREE Exclusive Facebook Post Trick - No Optin Required

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This is FREE. All I ask is you thank me for this post so I can build my rep on WF.

To begin.

Signup for an account at and setup the code on your LP.


Make a unique content post on your Facebook Fan Page.


Go to TinyURL & setup your call to action URL based on your content.


Go to Wibiya and setup a rule for the same things in my photo.

The big step.

Now you can choose to serve a message or link to follow up with the specific piece of content the user was sent from your Facebook post.

The entire idea here is you are able to identify users without having to script thing in PHP or Javascript.

You can use tiny url to create call to action based URLs.

Your creating a marketing funnel that follows up with a message or a link that is specific user that clicked through your post URL.

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    I read through a few times but still dont get it???? Could you explain what actually happens (you did a great job explaining HOW to set it up btw) for example:
    1) visitor sees you r post
    2)visitor clicks on post
    4) ???
    5 etc
    Then the end result they have ended up on your list/built relationship/or other whatever it is that actually ends up happening
    Thanks in advance
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    It's just a way to funnel traffic and a way to setup your posts for a higher CTR and then you can followup with the user when they visit your website through a specific post with a Wibiya rule.

    Sure you could build a list with it, that's what I am doing.

    Whats neat is the tiny URL extensions give you a way to quickly identify incoming traffic based on a simple rule setup on Wibiya. It cuts out a lot of programming and give you a lot to work with.
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