Ways to get traffic from YouTube. What's worth, what's not.

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Hey, guys. YouTube is a powerful website traffic generator if used right. Though many people are disappointed in it getting poor views to their videos. You can't just upload a brand new video and leave it waiting for hits. No one's gonna find it ever. Lots and lots of videos out there receive miserable number of views per year. Today I came across a good video that was uploaded on July 2012 and I was the first to watch it!

There are multiple methods to generate views suggested on the web. Most of them don't work. To me, the best and the only way to start driving good YouTube traffic to a website is intensively promoting your YouTube video on third parties right after uploading until it gets enough views to appear in the sidebar on popular channels in your niche being featured in the list of recommended videos. So that it starts stealing huge highly targeted traffic.

The first third party you start promoting your video on is your website. It's not reasonable to promote a YouTube page where your video is located. Embed your video to your blog post, then syndicate it to social media, order social bookmarking, so on and on. You're just promoting your website, you're doing your business, you're not struggling with YouTube, you're not slaving for it trying to attract a bunch of visitors, you're doing nothing that distracts you from your business.

Once you actively deliver a lot of eyeballs to your YouTube video on your blog, your video automatically shows up on highly visited video channels, automatically steals traffic from your competitors and brings it to your channel, then your video automatically converts that traffic to your website visitors where your landing page automatically converts them into leads. To top it all up there's an audience of your YouTube channel subscribers automatically growing.

The only little step you take is video optimization where the most important part is to borrow keywords from your big competitors you target to steal traffic from.

It's enough, you don't do anything about YouTube, you promote your website. It's just crucial to bring a lot of hits to video posts on your blog fast. This is the only key. But don't buy views, they look suspicious to YouTube, often they even fail to bring your video to popular channels, your account can get suspended, they really harm your channel's reputation in the eye of YouTube.

Views you get from social exchange sites are harmful too. YouTube feel that the viewers you get from there are not interested in your content, this is the factor to rank you down. YouTube is a very smart mechanism, cheating it you're destroying your channel and wonderful opportunities, you're also wasting your time instead of doing your business.

There's also a method that is so-so. Video responses. Though it's tough to find out channels that accept them. Video replies are often stuck pending approvals for ages. You need to establish good relationships with other channels for cross promotion purposes.

Are there more good methods? I don't think so. Which methods do you use and why?
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