Boost Post vs. Facebook Ads, for my special case

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Hey guys, newbie here. I know this question has been asked around the forum but my situation is slightly different.

I am a musician/producer with a facebook fan page with my main aim being to get more facebook likes without buying fans, and no need to sell a product. I am about to run a competition/giveaway where all the facebook fan has to do is like my page, comment on the post and share (a type of giveaway I've seen many other producers like me do with great success) to enter in a chance to win headphones.

I am thinking boost post with targeted age range/location would be my best bet here as I can write "Like/Comment/etc to get a chance to win headphones.." bla blah something like that along with a picture and it wouldn't look like one of those scammy/sketchy ads as it pops up in the news feed.

I know facebook ads are on the right and if i did write "click here for a chance to win" etc, then it would look a bit sketch in my opinion.

What do you guys think, and are there any things I am overlooking?
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    i MIGHT be wrong, but isn't boost post just a way to get more of your current fans exposed to your post?

    i guess it depends on who you want to target. if you're looking to get your already existing fans to like/share/comment then boost post is the way to go.

    however, if you want complete new eyes (people who do not already "like" you page) then facebook ads would be the way to go.
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    From what I've seen, the recent boost post feature (they seem to update a lot) you can target an age range, location, gender, and sthg i forget (no interests however) and i think it may or may not include your fans (I'm assuming this boosting feature is randomly sampled). Boost post used to only offer the option of advertising to your friend and your friends of friends option but they now added also a targeting option.

    I've seen people boosting post and on your news feed it looks like a normal activity except in the top right says suggested post; from what I've seen I have never seen those pages before so it looks like it can be targeted.

    Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Lots of experience here. The Boost targets existing fans and friends of fans within their feed. I've experienced strong social interaction with this, mostly in the form of liking the post rather than the page, however the exposure is high.

    More recently I ran a boost campaign and a page like (the business page) cost me something like $.80, which is great considering the targeting you're now able to employ. So not only did it end up promoting my content (and a link off-site), but my page also got strong exposure with incremental likes as proof.

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    I wouldn't recommend the boost post feature as you cannot target any interests, so your cost per fan will go up. Just create a great ad to go in the sidebar and you can get tonnes of likes for a cheap price if you do it right. Erny Peibst | Making Social Media Easy is where to start for creating a great ad that can create a BIG fanbase for your page, for very little cost.
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