How many registrations for a dating site in the first month?

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Can someone give an estimate of what is a good figure to target in the first month for a dating site as far as registrations are concerned. The country is India.

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    I'm not sure if there is any fixed, hard-and-fast figure to aim for. I think when you're looking at something like dating, there are location constraints- people most probably won't be interested in dating people who're living very far away (unless the focus from the beginning is on long-distance relationships!). So a hundred signups within a small geographical area might be better than a thousand signups spread randomly throughout the whole country.

    Some quick Googling brought me to Dating Site Reviews ( Online Dating Statistics & Facts - Dating Sites Reviews) which says that there are 6 million people in India on dating sites, and it's expected to go up to 115 million in 2015. If the rate of growth is uniform (which it won't be- it'll be exponential), that's over a million a month... which is unlikely for any single new player to achieve, in my ignorant opinion.

    I think what's really important is to have the right kind of people, the right kind of crowd. It's fine (or possibly BETTER) to start small. Good luck!

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