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Hi Warriors,

Anyone of you there has an idea on how to have many likes on my facebook pages?
I was promoting my website through facebook but it is quite difficult to collect likes.

Please advise.

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    The first thing is to invite your friends ans ask them to ask their friends to like your page.Sometimes, likes can be easier if your page has an interesting or intriguing content.

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    By popular demand we now have a section to discuss all things Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google +, RebelMouse etc.
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    If you really want to see your likes explode, create an ad promoting a giveaway of a physical item that the target audience of your page would be interested in. Use CPM to run your ad and you will can get hundreds of likes for just a few bucks.
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    Travis, are you using Facebook Ads?
    Or you're just simply posting the links from your website to your personal Facebook account?

    Personally, I didn't invite my Facebook friends to like my business' fan page because they don't belong to my target market. The accumulation of FB likes does not happen overnight or even in a week or in a month. Observe what your competitors do. Are they using memes, infographic materials or videos to entice the viewers to follow and like their page?
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      I haven't found Facebook likes to translate into many sales at all. Lots of people just Like everything that they see on Facebook, but never actually even look at what they are liking, much less act on it. Maybe others have had success with Facebook, but it has been pretty much useless to me.
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    Go to Most popular Pages & ask them to like your page. you must add a post every day.
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    I had same problem , so i thank to my friends that i got some new information in this communication .Thanks to all
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    Let me say that it is also important that you use pictures or videos or whatever additional content in your posts. Not just words - always remember that the users are lazy. So using pictures will increase the chance of being shared and therefore getting new likes.
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    You can like the pages similar to yours and leave valuable comments there, but don't spam. It can be a good source you can attract people and get likes.
    From you ID add 10 - 15 friends daily, add the friends buy joining IM related groups and then searching for the members you can add and invite them to like your page. I used to like pages and asked them to like mine, and it worked.
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    You can simply buy real likes from cheap packages from fiverr justforfive5 .We are providing real fans.you will get 100% real and active fans.
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    Do testing with face book ads, you will certainly come up with effective and cheap campaigns. Face Book ads can really help you get more likes than any other free methods.
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