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I have 2 questions about Facebook ads.

When you create a new ad, there is also a Sponsored Stories part to it. Are the sponsored costs included in the actual budget for the day or is there a separate budget for it? For eg, after creating an ad with a budget of $10 per day, I noticed there is a regular ad campaign plus a sponsored stories ad. Will I now be paying $20 per day because the sponsored stories was added?

Which is better and cheaper to run CPC or CPM? Thanks for your feedback.
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    Hey Aribabs,

    1- If they are falling under the same campaign, they will be capped by your own campaign max daily budget. I really hated when they started adding this automatically, but you can choose not to, when you uncheck that option.

    2- It's actually not that complicated. ALWAYS start with CPC and feel what the CTR is. Once you figured CTR out, you can figure out which one is a better choice.

    Choose both and see what the max bid is. If you're getting over 0.1% ctr (or 1 click per thousand impressions), usually, it will pay to go CPM (because the bid is usually lower on CPM than it is on CPC).

    BUT, unfortunately, it's not always that easy. Sometimes a campaign is getting beautiful CTR, 0.15, 0.2... and once turned into CPM, CTR falls all the way down.

    But, as a rule of thumb, if your CTR is over 0.1, you should try CPM, ok?


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      You can just use optimized cPM and put a low limit on the price for action.
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    Hey Aribabs,

    Here is a thread that I found for you. I came across it a long time ago but still.

    Here is another one that you might like and help you:

    Hope that helps you.

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    Make sponsored story in the same campaign and it will be under the daily budget.
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    If you're not experienced with optimized CPM you should definitely chose CPC because it's less risky. CPC offers more security, because you are only paying for cliks on your ad, but CPM is like gambling. With CPM you can get a lot of cheap cliks and on the other side you can waste your money without any results at all if you don't filter your audiences properly.
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