FB ads have recently gone expensive??

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Is it me, or has anyone noticed how expensive FB ads have become? I have been targeting the IM space in English speaking countries, and for a targeted CPC ad with a reach of 10 - 20k, a month ago I was paying $0.10 - $0.20 per click at the outset (dropping to $0.05 with tweaking and massaging) but now the starting range is $0.6 - $1.2 which drops to around $0.3 - 0.5 once the ad starts running and getting clicks. Also - I can't see any price difference whether the target URL is off Facebook or one of my own Facebook fanpages - which doesn't seem right either.
This is a bit scary, doesn't feel very economical and I'm thinking there must be a better way (apart from CPM which never seem to get the same clickthrough rate for some reason).
Am I missing something? What are other Warriors doing?
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