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my traffic from fb is slowing down gradually,how are you guys coping with fb nowadays
  • Do you make any post everyday? Did you make any request in liking your post even at east to your relatives and friends or try to exchange likes to other fanpage if you have as well.
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      What's going on with all those 'is *something* dead' threads? No, Facebook is not dead.

      Sorry to hear about your troubles tho. Let's start with - What numbers are we talking about? What niche? Some ups and downs are normal, so maybe it's just that part of the year.

      Also, have you made some changes recently? Like changed the posting plan, type of content, stopped interacting with your fans?
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    In economics. Their is a term used, 'utility'. It is a measure of satisfaction, per unit, measured on a scale of 1 to 10 to show absolute want/need.

    Their is a effect on utility called, 'the theory of diminishing marginal utility.' What this mean is for each use of X.

    (lets call X the # of times each person sees your content (page post, video, link: something in a news reel of a side bar) or interacts with your fan page {if using paid ads this applies too and includes the diminishing population effect} overtime each use erodes at their utility slowly bringing their satisfaction down and down.

    In turn they look for alternatives, your competition. And your competition is only a friends like away: friends see friends posts.

    In order to break this habit you should focus on a goal, recognize the time frame of what has happened on this last fan page/ad project. And make your fan page posts and conversion goals all easily accessible in order to make money or generate your leads.

    Everything has an expiration period if it is not kept current or doesn't satisfy a need stronger than man himself.
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    Traffic from fb ads or fb fan page? Start posting more images to increase your CTR.
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    You should be more specific about your method using Facebook. There are so many ways you can get traffic from Facebook and it's difficult to help you without knowing which method you're using.

    But no, Facebook is still kicking and don't forget that it's not a tool. It's a community with real people in it. You're there to interact with people, being real, that's why you should be active in sharing or posting your contents and everything. It doesn't work like an automatic magnet sucking traffic for your site.
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    Facebook will never die. Post interesting article and images. surely you will get traffic

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    you haven't mentioned your fb profile link.

    find and replace in excel
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    I noticed this also. Likes are coming slow. Maybe it's time to change the way you use facebook? Do you connect your FB page to Twitter?
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    Facebook is just overly saturated, I dealt with this for my other client simply by going door-to-door with relevant partners who then proceed to 'like' the page to get a discount, increased traffic sales and created a mutual strategy via word of mouth that boosted his numbers to 36,000+ likes within a year.

    It's about dealing with people in person. That's the key.
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    If traffic is going down then it is not that Facebook is dead, it indicates that you are not able attracting your fans..
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    Facebook is just overly saturated with spam posts...
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    You need to post quality content daily on fb and get to like it yourself. Then you can boost your posts to your friends and their friends. Facebook commands 800 million subscribers - if its a country, it will be the third largest, second only to china and india.
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    May be your post is not attractive or useful. Have you connected your Facebook to other sites like twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest...? There are many ways to increase your traffic. If you want, you can do that.
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