Youtube adsense ease?

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First post on forum, so dont be mad if this has already been discussed and/or is not supposed to be here.

Basically, i was looking through an seo site earlier and i came across an ad that said it can give MONETISED views, it was around 25$(approx £16) = 100kviews.

So i checked my youtube account to see the average i would earn off 1k monetised views, it came out at around 85pence.

So if i was to buy 100k of these views at £16 pound, in theory i should make around £80+ in my adsense account right?

This isn't a valid method I'm posting, i just want to know if there is anything I haven't thought of which may occur or something I'm stupidly forgetting, I'm basically seeking validation from you guys.
But if this is to work as intended then you guys are welcome.. i guess?

Again, if this is a dumb post or has been discussed, i'm sorry.

Thanks for reading, Ao
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