How do I use Linked in to get customers?

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Can someone tell me how to use Linked in to sell products and /or get customers?
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    LinkedIn Ads drives a significant percentage of our business, at a cost per conversion lower than search—and the leads are far higher quality and from the audience we need to influence.
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    Join groups related to the niche, promote and wa-la, free targeted potential customers.
    Smart ok happy people who help eachother achieve :)
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      Originally Posted by MrGardner View Post

      Join groups related to the niche, promote and wa-la, free targeted potential customers.
      even better create your own group and be authority in that group.
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    email or message the members directly or post your promotion in linkedin groups
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    Just like with other platforms, be active on the site and build relationships.

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    Linkedin is a more serious social platform and are professional.

    Unlike FB, it takes time to build relationship in Linkedin and is seen most used by job hunters and employers. Group joining and group forming are perhaps the best strategy in Linkedin to promote any product or service like FB page and FB Group.

    Have your profile written with the best keywords you would like to be found.
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      Linkedin is a social networking site mainly for business owners and senior management positions so just spamming them doesn't work.
      What does work is to build your profile to 90% + and then build your network. Do not keyword stuff as linkedin are getting hot on this and are penalizing people doing this. You can't message masses of people on linkedin that you don't know. You can email a handful of people by upgrading to the top account.
      Linkedin groups work well but again do not go spamming a group. You'll get into trouble doing this and the results won't be great. My suggestion is to offer a group something of value that is related to them. I've added as many as 350 people to my sales funnel in a month doing this.
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    Hi Richard - that seems like a great common sense approach. I'll try it. Thanks.
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      Hi tcanavino

      If you think of Linkedin as a place to get people onto your email list by giving them something free that's of value to them, rather than somewhere to sell (that goes for all social media sites really). Think about the following:

      1) Complete your profile fully. Concentrate on a really enticing headline that helps you get found in a search - make it stand out. When someone does find you and looks at your profile, your summary should make them want to connect - let them know what you do, who you do it for and how you help. Remember to use keywords for seo.

      2) Build a network of people who can help you - current customers, suppliers, referral partners, jv partners etc.

      3) Build relationships with that network - message them via Linkedin with useful info (not sales messages) - offer them a free ebook or report.

      4) Join relevant groups - not just groups around your own industry but groups where your customers might hang out. Take a look at your first connections and see what groups they have joined. Get involved in the discussions but again don't post sales links - they mostly get ignored. Once you get an idea of what the group is like start posting your own discussions around your niche - build relationships and connect with more people this way.

      5) Set up a company page - you can add up to 25 different products & services with detailed descriptions and videos. You can then ask your LI connections who have used your product/service to give a recommendation on your company page for it. You can also put a clickable banner on your company page that takes people to a landing page with an optin form.

      6) Check the 'who's viewed your profile' section regularly - if you see someone who looks interesting but they haven't connected with you send them a message saying thanks for looking can you help in any way.

      7) Update your status on your profile daily letting people know what you are up to, links to blog posts and occasionally add a promotional message.

      Once people know who you are they're more likely to take notice of any promotional messages you put out. I sent a link to a free ebook to my linkedin network and got 71 opt-ins in one day.

      Linkedin is a fantastic platform for serious networkers - it just takes a little time to build.

      Karen James
      Social Media Coach & Author of 365 Social Media Tips

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    Connect with people who do the same thing you do and join related groups to connect with like minded people and promote your services. Don't spam, that will make a bad name for yourself. Build good relationships with lots of people and work will come your way.
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    Hi, Social selling is all about extending what you do as a salesperson on a daily basis into the social media world. Find gigs, sell products, expand your networks, grow your business and gain free publicity. Take a look below:

    1. Build your community
    2. Listen for social signals
    3. Be a trusted source
    4. Maintain relationships with your customers

    If you sell a product Search in your target market Find the specific users of your product Find the buyers of your product Find customers of your customers to drive demand Find people who consult to people buying your product Find people who can help you improve your product. Have a nice day
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    You can build your network quite easily on LinkedIn. Chances are you already know some people who are on LinkedIn. Get them to connect with you to start you off. You'll want to join some groups and contribute value to them, and look through connections of connections to find the people you are wanting to connect with. Make sure to always act courteous and professional, and help people out wherever possible.
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    Join groups that are specific to your interest and post quality content - articles, post questions, quizzes etc. Try to always respond to people that comment on your posts - both good and bad. Try to be an expert/leader in your field. Don't go with a "I'm here to sell" mindset.
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