Your achievement in the Social Media Marketing

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HI guys
Share your achievement in the field of Social Media Marketing. How you are getting success with an effective Social Media Marketing.
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  • Based on my personal experience the best way that you do is how to attract your audience in those social media sites that you're in you must know their interest, how to communicate with them as we all know every people has different personalities so you must have a different approach to every people that's in there so that you can gather many viewers.
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    I've been able to create pages with about 1,000 HIGHLY targeted "Likes" and followers...

    Within 3-6 months with the aid of a good blog, forum marketing, and paid posts.

    So, in a sense, it usually costs me about $150 spread out over 6 months...

    With an hour or two a day of work...

    Then you basically have a list of 1,000+ highly targeted people.

    Sell them a $30 product, convert at 10% (or more) and make $300.

    Basically, you're doubling your money.

    Now, think about that on a large scale.

    Bring in 100,000 people and sell at $30 with a 10% conversion rate.

    You make $30,000. Now, do this with 2-3 pages and sell a product annually.
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    Collaborating with others, and communicating with the public as much as I can. Like on Twitter, I try to reach as many people as possible.
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    Get a lot of likes, followers, and fans and then engage with them properly. Keep them interested, provide them useful content, and socialize with them.

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      first test which social media works for you. Then drop the dead wood. For us pinterest and instagram are king.
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    Talk, Invite to all those people that have common interests and working on the similar projects. Share you achievements so that people can get benefit from your experience
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    I have been using Facebook, building targeted pages for very passionate niches. I find that these are the most engaged users and very loyal. Now working on monetizing through different offers.
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