The Case Study Of Case Studies: Revealing The Secret Formula Of Success In FB Ads!!!

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Fellow Warriors, after a couple of weeks of tweaking and testing FB ads, I enclose here a huge secret on how to conduct a successful Facebook Ads campaign that will provide you with a huge CTR, CPC or CPM. Please read the steps below:
1. Create a new ad campaign
2. Define your demographics. Till you know them, you can just leave the Age and Gender as Default.
3. Choose: United States, Australia and/or Canada as Location.
4. Here is the secret that no one reveals: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Yeap! That's right. You can do CPC and choose FB to optimize it for you or you can do the same and define a maximum CPC by your own. You can do CPM, or just go for "Likes". You can use a nice, clean image that you bought from a commercial site, or a crappy image you got from Google or you even created on your own in Windows Paint!!!
5. Let this go on for a couple of days.

You can even choose to Promote a Post (a bit more expensive, but if you do this for an affiliate post or for a post selling a product, this is a certain WIN-WIN situation).

To rephrase the huge philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend nowadays in FB ads "Anything goes".

WHat you can do to increase your profit? Create a bunch of diffferent campaigns to find the one that will achieve CPC between $0.00 and $0.01. This should be your goal. Anything else is a mere failure.
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    Did you get success with that method?
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    Are you sure? I often heard that those cheap clicks can only be achieved when directing your ad clicks within facebook. Doing ads for sites outside facebook would let the cpc increase...
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    I prefer to come up with a comprehensive plan and make some variations to see what works and what doesn't. I can't simply do what I want. I am not that bold.

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