Experimenting with facebook adverisements, any advice welcome

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So, I am a DJ, I have my own facebook page, but I thought it might be effective to build a facebook page for DJ's in general and feature music from some of the best producers in the world, this way I can build up an audience faster and use that big page as a giant medium to promote my own DJ page when I need to.

I have just made it, here it is


I have subscribed to CPM advert on FB, its currently charging me $0.16 for 1000 impressions, thats a pretty good price I think, so far out of that 1000 impressions I have had 22 likes out of 23 clicks, which isnt bad either, so its costing me $0.04 per like.

I have targetted men and women 18-25 in uk, mexico, guatemala and colombia, with DJ as interests

My advertisement reads like this:

A free resource for lovers of up to date digital music

I am guessing that if I pay 16c for 1000 impressions, potentially I have the ability to get anything up to 1000 likes (although I wouldnt expect to hit roof) But I am wondering if any one can suggest ways to increase the number of likes I am getting from this campaign?

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    also i am trying to figure out if there is a way I can target people who are connected to certain night clubs facebook pages?
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