Simple method $20/day youtube + CPA

by xpesos
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I am surprised that by today still no one is working on this niche, i have banked some easy $$ using this method.
And surprisingly the conversion here is very good
And yes this method is going to Saturate soon !

Well the niche i am talking about : "Live accident" "Live Shooting"

What we will do is just grab some video usually from surveillance cameras, or from your local news channel video's,
Use only video's from "Live Camera feeds" they usually don't get down on youtube..

Once you have found some good video, it is time to go for some video modifications
Edit the video and cut the video right before there is about to start accident, or firing or what so ever
Enter a txt "Sorry We cannot show you live accident or shooting because it is not allowed on youtube, to download full video follow link in description, and it is strongly recommended that heart patients, children's don't watch this video"

And then just add your CPA content locker and walla easy $$$$

But my video's usually came down after a month or so as user's started flagging because of CPA's

So make sure to use your video and make it in dozens of unique versions using different pictures in between....

Use multiple accounts for the purpose, don't upload more than 5 video's on a single account, do some keyword research before

I was usually getting some 100k+ impressions mothly

You can have some plane crash, or helicopter crash video, or something like that. there are 101 ways to do it
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