Social Media Audit Software...would you find it useful? if so how much would you pay for it?

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Hi guys,

I had an idea to have created an in depth social media audit online software (as a saas model)....ive seen loads of SEO audit sites, but nothing solely for social media, that digs into the social media of a site, and gives the site a score of their overall social media strength..

So just like you can go on Iwebchk and woorank to have an seo audit done on any site, this would be the same principle but just for social media.

Although the SEO Audit online software's at the moment do analyse the social media of a site, they do so on a very superficial level, and as a part of larger SEO audit.

With my online software, you would put in the URL of a site and it would dig deeper into its connected social media accounts...and analyse things such as posting frequency ect ect ect, and only look at social media but at a deeper level.

Obviously id figure out the details, but i just wanted to see if there would be some kind of demand at all for this...

I can see the potential value of something like this for a social media agency in winning new business, or for anyone in digital marketing wanting to win a potential clients social media spend.

Would you guys see any value in some online software like this,

and if much would you be willing to pay for it, on a monthly basis, assuming you could audit unlimited sites and have a white label PDF exporting option.....

Look forward to your replies on this....
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    Hi Sonny, I can see the merits of this idea paying off for you.

    To me, the whole aspect of gaining free traffic through search engines is being drawn further away from traditional SEO every day.

    Social signals become more, and more relevant, while SEO tactics get shut down regularly.

    Please feel free to PM me, and I will help beta test it.
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  • Sonny,

    I can see the value here as well. Actually Hubspot already does something like this with its analytics reports. They don’t necessarily set things up from an audit standpoint but you can see what content got interacted with and resulted in conversions or assisted conversions.

    I think that if you were able to clearly showcase how the data your tool gathers helps fulfill client’s business objectives, you would have something very successful.


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