My video was banned on Youtube

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Hey WF peeps...

I had a video on yt of my girlfriend in some thongs, with a link on the video. Also paid for 10,000 high retention views on YTview. Right after the 10k it was banned. I used a PVA that I got of Fiverr and used VPN to create the account and VPN on my phone to upload vid.

I am trying to pinpoint what went wrong so I don't make same mistake.

Also wondering if I should re-upload the video on new account and not purchase the 10k views?
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    YouTube doesn't like phony traffic.
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      Thanks! If an account has been banned can you re-upload it with another account or do I have to change the video?
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    If video follows all TOS of youtune . You can upload the video with the same account.
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    Did you asked YT?
    Ask them!
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    It's not the views. Trust me. I've sent hundreds of 1000s of views to videos. It's all in where you're buying them from. I only trust one site and it's not YTviews. Think I used them before though and no problems...

    I had the same issue when I was testing an offer. I uploaded 3 videos of girls dancing in front of a web cam. Didn't even buy any views.

    I put my link in the description that said "See girls LIVE just like this for FREE at WEBSITE"...

    After getting close to 5k views organically from YouTube, my videos were banned and account done. WELL DONE.

    It said I violated community guidelines for nudity. So basically there's 1 or more of these situations going on.

    1. Competition is flagging your videos
    2. Someone with nothing better to do than play YouTube cop is flagging your video
    3. Youtube didn't like where your link was sending traffic. I've heard of this happening before.

    The only way around getting flagged is to get that "18 & older tag" but they put that on videos after they've been flagged seems like. It's really tricky.

    It's just a part of the game my friend. You can go for it again or hang it up.

    You can also appeal the ban but not sure if youtube will give you an account back when it's banned for that reason. I recently got one back for copyright violations and they say that you can't get it back. Try em out. You never know...

    Best wishes

    Dennis "the Marketing Menace"
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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      Well it was with YTViews site and they sent 10000 views within a day or so. I did not purchase like or comments, just views.
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        This is what they what it said on account:

        This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.
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          Originally Posted by Andre Slater View Post

          This is what they what it said on account:

          This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.
          There are multiple violations. First, robotic or even real untargeted views you've bought. This often ends up in banning. You'd better embed your video to your website or blog and promote your video post in social media or advertise it next time you want to get views, don't fall for any black hat methods ever again. Second, if your video is porn or/and overly promotional someone or many people might report it. You should take a different approach trying to convert YouTube traffic to your website visitors. If you need a place to host videos like that so order some media hosting package. Play a fair game with YouTube. I know many people cheat YouTube feeling safe about it and nothing happens but they risk their channels, once they'll face with unpleasant surprises. You wouldn't like it again.
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    you got a message from them so this means you violated their terms for which they banned the video.
    the one thing i have noticed that too many quick views and comments, YT recognizes as bots and don't like this happening on their platform.
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    May it looks spam to You Tube as they have mentioned on their message...
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    If you decide to reupload it, add an extra second or two of anything into the video.
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    One of my friend's Youtube accounts that have 15k views in a matter of days was still alive as of this very moment, through buying retention views. Views are not the problem, it is your content that may be possibly misleading or not Youtube-friendly perhaps. He was very careful on which provider is he dealing with, that guarantees him 100% safe. Just try to be more careful about dealing with various retention views, and try to see if there are negative comments or complaints.
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