2013 Surprising Social Media Studies establish the REAL VALUE of each 1 facebook like

by Nisip Banned
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2013 Surprising Social Media Studies establish
the REAL VALUE of each 1 facebook like:


Rising Value of Facebook Brand Fans Validates Social Marketing Investment | Syncapse

How Much Is a Facebook Friend Worth? $174.17

Considering the 1.3 BILLION potential clients that Facebook
throws at companies'e feet, I expected the value of each
1 facebook like to be higher than that
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    Wow, if a facebook user would get a charge for everytime he likes a page he would be rich!
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    The value of a "like" or "fan" on Facebook is so heavily varied that it's nearly impossible to put an average price on it. It's ridiculously easy to grow out a fan page to 100,000 fans if you are targeting a 13-17 US audience, and you can do this for .01-.02 per like in the process.

    Now if you wanted to reach internet marketers in the US between ages of 30-40, this is going to cost you a ton more. Not to mention all of these fans probably have credit cards and can result in sales and becoming new customers. The value of these fans would be several times higher than that of a younger audience.

    At the end of the day the value of a like really comes down to how well you can monetize your audience.

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    Very true. Likes are useless without some kind of monetization in place on the back end. Think through it and use the fanpage as a sales funnel to say "hello" then figure out how to transition them from that to something paid later.
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    It also depends on the business you have. If you are selling a product that costs 10 cents then each like will probably not yield you 100+ dollars, likewise if you are selling a 1,000 dollar product then you may place more value per like.
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