What is the work of social media manager?

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Hi! Someone asked me if I know social media marketing and what is the work of a social media manager. I am not quite sure what to answer because I am not into social media before. I haven't done it yet. I don't want to give a wrong answer to this very important question. In layman's language what is a social media manager?:confused:
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    Hi Anne0521! The task and responsibilities of being an SEO manager are the following:

    -Moderation and monitoring of social media presence of brands
    -Continuous contact and engagement with the target consumer through social media networks and communities, with the objective of building brand awareness and enhancing brand reputation and engagement
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  • Anne,

    To expand on what subisa852 said, the title social media manager could mean a lot of things. In general it means to manage posting content and responding to interaction on one or more social media accounts.

    It could also mean managing campaigns on social media accounts that are geared toward advertising, brand awareness or conversions.

    Here is a good post on the topic,

    The Role of a Social Media Manager | Social Media Today

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    Social media is such a platform where you can bring out the promotion of your products or website.
    What is the rule:
    1. Engage with visitors
    2. Post regular posting of your network
    3. Increase social share
    4. Tag people, post banner design and so one

    If you do all this things you can get the promotion
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    Thank you guys for all the response. now I understand it better. I believe that one should not assume to know about being a social media manager without knowing first the scope or the responsibilities that goes with it.
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    It's somewhat of a public relations position. You are monitoring and operating a company's social media but also managing the reputation of the company in the public's eye.
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    The Social Media Manager will implement the Company抯 Social Media Strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption. This role coordinates with the internal Marketing and PR teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a social media referral network.
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    Generally social marketing manager Engage with visitors with Posting regular posting of your network He Increase social share for your blog or site and preppare and post banner design and send it to various social media site
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