How can i increase Facebook likes

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I need to increase facebook likes. Do you have any idea how to increase likes in easy and natural way.
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  • Buy some ads to promote your page. You can get likes really cheap in most niches, and it is very targeted if you do it right!
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    Create a Facebook Ads campaign. I broke down the process for you.

    - Target your demographic audience (age/location)
    - Use "interests" to really focus in
    - If possible target other popular brands/sites that are related to yours
    - Upload a bunch of different images for you to split test and find which get the highest click through rates
    - Remove the low performing ads
    - Keep a low daily budget to make sure you don't spend a lot of money while testing

    Depending on your target audience you should be able to get a decent amount of fans. Hard to give an estimate on price, but I can get fans for .01 - .50 each in a wide range of audiences.

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    Unlike Twitter, you're not technically limited to 160 characters or less, but you should seriously consider imposing this rule on yourself! Of course, if you have a blog, you're more than welcome to share a link to these in-depth musings on your Facebook page. Once you've built up a reputation for posting interesting and unique status updates, people might be more inclined to click through to your blog. Try SEOclerks, you can find many freelancers on this site providing facebook likes at a cheap rate.
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    THere are many ways you can do that, let me brief you a couple of them

    1 Addmefast - Its a Free Site where you can get facebook likes. check this site and learn more .

    2. For a long term solution just follow the steps I have given in my undermentioned tutorial. Its a Video Series that I have created to help understand all the secrets of Facebook Marketing.

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    The most effective way is spend some money on FB ads. You need targeted audiences not just "like count".
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    Add friends and share unique/interesting content and ask them to share or like your posts.
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    Yes, you can increase your Facebook likes with making few changes to your post. The most important thing is that you have to post unique and fresh contents. Make a regular presence on Facebook and post at least 2 to 3 times in a day. Add more peoples to your account. You can also buy some traffic, but according to me paid traffic is worthless.
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    You can find some websites on internet who exchange links. You submit your Facebook page or your Website and when you like some page then you get a like back for your page. Please go Addmefast.
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    -Advertise on Facebook to get more "Likes". This is the best way to grow your fan base.

    -Add Facebook Social Plugin Box to your Blog and Website

    -Run a competition. Everyone likes a competition

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    Embed Widgets on Your Website
    Select from a number of the new Facebook Social Plugins and place them on your website and blog. The Fan Box widget is now the Like Box and it works well to display your current fan page stream and a selection of fans - see screenshot below with Whole Foods Market Facebook Like Box. I would recommend adding a title above the box encouraging visitors to your site/blog to click the “Like” button (which makes them a Facebook fan).
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    I have a facebook page that I only just started a couple days ago. I have not used paid ads on it at all. All by itself, it has gotten 27 likes. What I do is whenever I post a link to an article, I hashtag it like mad.. Things like #zombies take over #manhatten #newyorkcity !! #traveladvisory .. I have been getting likes to my page from people I have never seen before by doing that... Use hashtags with your posts.
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    Though it is paid, facebook ad is still the best option if you want to increase your page likes instantly. But if you do not have the budget be patient enough to work on it. Join pages or groups that are relevant on your niche. Interact with your prospect audience and get their attention.

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    1. Start off inviting your Facebook friends from your personal profile to like the page. This will give you some initial traction.

    2. Drive traffic to the page via any niche relevant social media platforms that you maintain.

    3. If you've been building a list in your niche, send out a broadcast to your subscribers letting them know about your page.

    4. Do a highly targeted Facebook ads campaign. As others have mentioned this is one of the best ways to get likes. You've just got to be sure to get your targeting right. If you're unsure about your customer's demographic profile, use a site like Quantcast to analyze competing sites within your niche. This will give you key demographic data that will be really helpful when setting up your ad campaign.

    Hope that helps!

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    Promote your FB page with Facebook ads... Posting a regular and quality content to your fan page. You can also exchange the likes with your buddies and also gt paid likes too.

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    Just click on the like of the facebook to increase the facebook likes which promote your website as the ads campaign.
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    Yes, if you need to increase facebook likes then you should share unique and informative fresh content with facebook users so that everyone would like to share and like your posts. Show your presence on facebook. Within one week you will get lot of facebook likes.
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    Try to make posts that have the ability to go viral! People are normally sharing posts that are funny, interesting, etc.. And always include an image on your post to get their attention. This way, you'll get organic likes. You can also create a Facebook likes campaign through your fan page. I find it more effective than creating a like campaign in the Ad Manager.
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    Try using Social Commerce Applications onto your website. They pull in genuine Facebook fans unlike the fake likes you get using Facebook paid ads. Engagement activity spikes through this. You can have a look at how you can get more Facebook fans by not using paid ads campaign.
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    you can post interesting content with photo.
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    I am working on . Affiliate program has helped a lot in increasing likes and lead generation. These days the biggest challenge i am facing is to increasing engagement. I hope i will get some good tips from esteemed members.
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    Just share interesting and informative content on your page, I think this type of post is the best way for Facebook likes.
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    Change your avatar for a cat maybe ^^
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    Post funny quotation, hilarious photos or videos and nice comment. Post like these usually go viral.
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    Easy! post a trivia or something funny.
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    Increase your friend's list. Ask each of your new friends to "like" or to "trade likes" with you (if they have a page of their own)

    I thought-up a way to get loads of friend requests coming-in like clockwork. I'd then go through them and accept the quality ones and build my "likes" that way...

    Buy Ad Packs (Rev Share Programs)

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    If you really want real like for your facebook fan page, you must informative & valuable post to your fan page. And that is 100% organic & reliable.
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    Well, if you don't want to run an ad campaign, you have to make sure that you engage with your current users alot. Make them feel like people and not just numbers. Try running a few giveaways or contests and encourage them to share. Something alot of local businesses in my area do, is they run competitions and whoever brings the most likes to their page by a specific date, gets a prize Good Luck
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    Create Facebook Ads.
    If you do it right, it can be very cost effective and it can increase your likes. Focus on your niche. Utilize the FB Editor, such a useful feature on Facebook when you create an AD Campaign.

    No budget? Post updates on your Fanpage (preferably photos). Keep it alive!

    "Like" other pages. Share posts from other pages that you like back to your Fanpage. Comment on those fanpages, "like" their posts. Be an "attractive marketer!" -- you'll be surprised how people can easily follow you back on your fanpage.

    I do it on a daily basis... great result and it generates quality leads!

    Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by austria View Post

      the fastest way to get valuable real human fans likes,
      that will bring you large sales and real cash, I found it to be socialfanmonster

      (you probably know the famous study )

      you should focus on getting large amounts of real facebook fans that become clients

      the reason:

      Maybe they are customers that become fans because their where customers already... i guess...
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    For getting Facebook likes, you have to make your post interesting. Add more peoples with same intrest to your profile. Facebook are used by a number of users, so it is a good platform to redirect traffic to your website.
    You can create pages or group for your website, post valuable and unique content make your post informative which helps to attract more people. Make regular presence and post at least 3 to 4 posts daily.
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    1) Advertise
    2) Good quality content
    3) Engage people into conversation
    4) Ask questions
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    organic likes are too slow to go, just hit the promote button at top your page, get local likes and thats it.

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    Create a free report for targeted audience in exchange for facebooks likes.Use the iframe application in facebook , put the free report in the fan gate so have to like your page to get the free ebook.Share the link to the Facebook app on forums and YouTube if you can't buy traffic.

    Life is for living

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    Checkout following tips
    Join some Facebook groups such as like exchange groups
    post attractive image with useful info
    post daily some useful information
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  • Profile picture of the author yenerich is the best way to get it quick, after the firts thousands you will need quality to make your own followers.
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    There are some website that facilitate to exchange likes on the social media sites like for twitter is nice platform.
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