What is the Most Effective Technique to Market on Facebook?

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What kind of technique is the best for marketing on Facebook in order to get traffic?
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    Obviously advertisement.

    John Bag Guide

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    Obviously paid advertising and some special offers, freebies are the effective techniques to market on Facebook.

    Hope it helps you.
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    1. Create a fan page in your niche. Make the name something friendly in the niche, that fans will want to be associated with.

    2. Create a FB paid ad, to generate like to your facebook fan page (The higher your CTR the lower the cost). So you have to be very creative with your ads.

    3. Share good content with your fans (Use Images more often, and share niche News with them). Share good stuffs will get their likes, comments and shares which will give you more fans.

    4. Find something to promote in your niche, craft a really good post to what you are promoting. Create a sponsored ads of that post to your fans only. (think of it, they will respond more since they like your page already)

    5. Send me a share of the cake. *Smiles
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    Paid ads are great but Facebook is a social network and people go there to be social!

    I have found a few methods that are very effective that don't require any capital injection.

    1) Find groups and pages related to your niche. Join them. Interact with the people on there posting questions and information.

    2) Add people that are members of such pages to grow your reach when posting useful information on your status and page updates.

    3) Look for buy and sell groups. There are thousands and I have received a lot of interested customers from adverts on such groups.

    With the first 2 methods just remember not to come across spammy.
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    Create Custom Tabs & Facebook fanpage is the best to market. When
    you start your Facebook Page for your business, your Page has a
    standard set of "tabs," including a Wall where posts and comments
    are published and an Info tab with general information about your
    company. You can extend the capabilities of your Facebook Page by
    creating custom tabs. For example, the StartupNation Facebook Page
    includes a "Welcome" tab with links to various types of content and
    products, and with a promotion for the currently-running Leading
    Moms in Business Competition. You can actually submit your entry
    through another custom tab.
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    Having a page with no likes isn't look good, so try to post niche based contents and invest some bucks into promotion, you definitely gonna reach your goal in a mean time. Nowadays, fb ads are performing better that any other networks !!!
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    Facebook tricks works better than anything else.

    Know how to do advertising in Facebook using "Faces of Facebook"
    New trick for Facebook advertising - Faces of Facebook ~ Facebook Tips and Tricks
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    I find paid advertising on Facebook is quit effective rather than Adwords. Adwords lill complex to hamdle. In Facebook promote post, promote page, promote offer are important feature to highlight your product.

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    Yes Fan page creation is the best way to get more traffic and likes
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    Give quality content via a blog or website. I get lots of followers and likes. Also join interested groups that you are passionate in LinkedIn.

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    Post a heap of good content, sort out what works from what doesn't, then throw $5 at your most popular post and promote it. I can get a couple of 1000 views this way, and depending on how good your content is, the more likes/comments/shares etc you will get. Images coupled with a question work very well. For example, on one of my pages i will post a nice image with a caption along the lines of "Who can guess where this is?" Who, what, where and why are very good words to include in your posts because they prompt people to respond. PM me if you need a hand.
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    Doesn't always work though. Not guaranteed sales!
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    Give quality content using articles, blogs or websites give something useful.

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    Run ads for likes. It will also improve your rankings on G
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    make some stuff exclusive, use Facebook ads, comment on wall, share different links with all. are some effective techniques.
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    For facebook marketing, you should go with the facebook fanpage and facebook ads, as I used both for my client websites. Just what you need to focus the engagement on the facebook page of the users, give them the discount, information about your products and services. And make sure the content of posts should be something which gives the information to the users. Try to use the Facebook Contest etc.

    For facebook ads, you need to focus the gender, location and industry. make the right strategy and focus on the relevancy, which is must.

    Do A/B testing for the fb ads and check. It will work.
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    Paid advertising and Make a Fan page to get more traffic.
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