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Hi guys,
I have a business page and a website, i post daily to my page what is new happening in my website and off course attaching link to my site. Today received a message from my customer. She followed link to my site and FB warned here that this site might be unsafe or spam.
Is there any way I can fix it.
P.S I was posting to groups as well, so maybe it can be that someone complained about it?
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    Originally Posted by shiqi View Post

    Try not to post too much in one day - that can send alerts to facebook and mark your post as spam.
    I post only once a day. But how what to do now, cos another client messaged me about it, not really good for business, is there any way to ask FB to take this filter off?
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    facebook does this all the time to cover themselves. is your site new? I wouldn't worry about it, but try to post urls less often and verify your website on the business page.
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    Facebook does this quite a bit if you have been spamming the same URL to a lot of different groups on Facebook. You can social media bar to cloak your URL. This is what i do.
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    You can write them down and contact them regarding this if oyu have got mail from them. Explain in details why your site is nto spam and try to convince them if your words are expected you wont have any problem in the future.
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    this is a common problem on Facebook .. they have too much power
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