Facebook: Target audience, the smaller the better?

by imbrod
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I'm new to FB ads, so when I chose target audience (older women) and got 320,000 people, I got warning "Your target audience selection is fair."
However, when I add some more interests (health), I got 8,400 people and then it was OK, "Your target audience is defined."

I don't get it. Since I pay per click, not impression, I don't see why wouldn't I have a wider audience? I mean, if they show ads to older women with health interests, it's fine. But maybe many other older women (not necessarily interested in health) would be interested in my product!

Am I missing something? What are your suggestions?
Thanks in advance
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    The more targeted you are, the more clicks you'll get, and the cost per click will decrease.
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      In another words, if I wanted to go CPM, I rather choose CPC with less targeted audience and low price and enjoy my ad being shown to wider audience without many clicks, but I don't care about clicks anyway... Just an idea?
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    I would always stick to cpc first so you can get the data. As far as your offer if you havent yet id recommend doing a google search for a similar product, copy urls from 1st page and paste in quantcast.com if you havent already. Then use the winning competitors site demographics to retarget your ad. Do the same in google keyword planner and get the KW the competitor sites target and use those as your tags for interests.

    Hope this helps you some.
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  • Imbrod,

    Facebook’s recommendations should be used as a guide and not necessarily something you should absolutely do. Keep in mind that the more targeted your audience is, the more relevant your ad will be to them (assuming you know your audience). So if you have a larger audience, you may get more activity but the quality of that activity will be diminished. In other words its better to have one member of your target audience see your ad than ten people who don’t care about what you have to say.


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    Targetting Audience on Facebook & selecting the mode of advertisement as either CPC or CPM is driven by different factors such as Area of your interest, Geographic area of your interest, Age groups, locations & time of posting & duration of ad campaign.
    Most often it is preferable to have wider range of targeted audience irrespective of the CPC or CPM. Because targeting a large segment of customers allow your ads to be display over a wider range & help you to increase your popularity of your page & post.
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