Put company logo in Facebook image posts?

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I was at a Facebook marketing seminar the other night and the speakers mumbled something about not using a company logo in posts. I didn't get the chance to follow up with them after to see why.

So I've created images that I post for my page. If they're shared, my page name of course goes with them, which is good.

But because such images could be also used by my competitors, I'd like to at least slap a logo on them to discourage saving the image and reposting.

Any marketing insight here? Thanks.
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    Actually, experts advise to use social networks so that visitors think that you are not promoting only your product or business, but actually, you are doing. Means that hide your business advertisement in other posts. If you share your company logo, then it will be included in spam, as you are only promoting your business.
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  • Shimony,

    I have read about similar concepts and I’m not sure if this is the same thing the person you saw was talking about but some marketers have advocated not using a company logo because it is impersonal.

    Part of the strategy for marketing in social media is to create engagement with a brand and that can be hard for people to do when they are staring images of logos or machinery or products. General electric was doing this for a while but I’m not sure if they stopped or just changed their strategy because they have their logo now.


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    Ok, I see what you mean TCA but didn't quite follow you Jack.

    I did simplify my scenario just to focus in on the logo bit, but maybe I changed it too much.

    So I create content for local sports clubs and post it on their behalf, some of that content is pictorial.
    An example might be an image with a guy dunking a basketball with something inspirational alongside.

    I'd like to include the sports club's logo on the image, not prominently, for two reasons:

    1. So another sports club doesn't keep on grabbing the content and post it as theirs.

    2. I was thinking it made the club look like they are somewhat special, going to some trouble in creating the post rather than just posting something they found floating around the web.

    I'm not too sure if Facebook's ownership of posted content allow others only to reproduce by their sharing mechanism (which would be fine), or to save the image and upload as their own.
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    btw, where's the "Thanks" button?
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