Facebook big image when sharing an article?

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Hey guys,

Quick question.

I've noticed that on Facebook, there's now a possibility of making your featured image for your article much bigger. Used to be that you can only make it a thumbnail.

Obviously, the bigger the image, the more attention it brings.

I've already tried looking it up, but no dice!

How can I make the article that I'm linking to on Facebook have a bigger image?

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  • Hi Mehdi, by my side if I want a bigger image posted, I simply delete the automatic Facebook thumbnail and I load mine by clicking the camera button.
    This way I can get bigger images with the same contents.

    See you soon,
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    But if you do that, the description goes away.

    This is an example of what I want:

    Can anyone help me out?

    I want to be able to do like in the picture all the time and not have a thumbnail...
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      Without a bit more information about the specific FB entry you embedded, I can't say for certain how it appeared in your FB timeline, but after a bit of digging I was able to duplicate it - so this is ONE way it can happen...

      The website / news site article - in your case, northpolehoops.com - has a large photo (large as in dimensions, not file size), likely - as in my test - it was at the very top of the article with the text content below.

      The article I tested with also had a 'share' button.
      I assume a standard Facebook 'share' button is similar, but in this case it was a plug-in that allowed sharing on a variety of social sharing methods (ie. FBV, Twitter, email, stumbleupon, etc). The specific plug-in used on the page was the free addthis.com one.

      By clicking the 'share' button, it allowed me to enter text that appeared above the large photo in my timeline, as your example does, and I assume any url that includes the 'http' would be a hyperlink in that text.

      It otherwise appears exactly the same in my timeline as the one you show here.

      So. for the website you want to appear on people's FB timeline like this:
      - Feature a large photo at top,
      - Have a brief (unsure if there's a character limit) opening paragraph,
      - Include a Facebook "share' button on the article page.

      When someone clicks the FB share button on that page, it will appear in their FB timeline the same way you've shown.

      Hope that helps!
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    The image size needs to be larger than 600 x 315px - If you can get the image exactly that size then even better as the image won't cut off when it displays.
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      Originally Posted by webpeon View Post

      The image size needs to be larger than 600 x 315px - If you can get the image exactly that size then even better as the image won't cut off when it displays.
      I think that's exactly what it is...my picture in my article needs to be bigger, or else it will just show as a thumbnail if I share it on facebook.

      Thank you so much!
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