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How many of you are using Reddit ?
And how much traffic you get from Reddit ?

Is really useful for increasing traffic ?

Please advice

Milina (Merry Aan)
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    I don't use Reddit to promote traffic on my site. They have stringent rules on backlinks and you might get banned for doing so.
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    I use Reddit for informational purposes as it's a great place to ask questions and learn answers about any subject. However, you have to be careful about spamming your links on Reddit. Be sure you are an established member of the Reddit community and are contributing valuable content and advice on subjects unrelated to your niche before posting even one link to your own site. And, then only post a link to a page on your site that will actually benefit the Reddit community. For instance, if someone asks a question on how to repair a computer, you might link them directly to a page on your blog that solves the problem in question.
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    I have used extensively and I have got good amount of traffic in my signature (nothing to buy) I explain how I generate from 20k to 60k plus visitors to the my site from Reddit
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  • Reddit's community is very strict about being sold to (unless it's via banners or within a relevant subreddit). If they figure out that you're just trying to sell them something without being an actual part of the community, they'll most likely just ignore your product. If, however, you contribute to the discussions, rack up karma, and can prove that you aren't just a salesperson, they'll be more receptive to you.
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      I don't use Reddit extensively, but I do use it from time-to-time to send an authoritative high PR backlink to my blogs. In this era of Panda and Penguin I would encourage you to use it...but not overdo it...
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    If you have real quality content, the best approach is to post the content on subreddits that are just a bit "off".

    Ie, fitness/diet posts on something like /r/paleomoms. The fitness forum is like "why didnt we get this first" and people will rush to post and karma whore.
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    They've strict spam policy, so you cant make easily backlinks from there. Once you post a update then you would have to wait for a ankle time to post next one again, and when it comes to traffic i really don't think so that gonna help by anyway, use Stumbleupon instead.
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