How to make a good youtube video! - My Top 5 Methods To Make Decent Videos

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Okay Guys in this post I wanna talk about how to make a good Youtube video. You can see videos everywhere and Youtube is at the moment the site with the second most traffic in the whole internet. Crazy isn't it? There is so much potential to make money with video marketing but most of the video marketing courses out there are talking about how to brand your channel or how to rank your videos but before it comes to that you have to create some videos and that's the scary part for most of the people. I started like you with no clue what to do and how to start and that's the reason for this post to show you a few and easy possibilities to make your first video.

To get some decent videos on YouTube, you have a few different types of videos you can use.

There are some ways to make videos with a software for example or a web service and there is the old school way and I'll explain all of those to you!

1. Animated Videos - Animated videos are real hot at the moment and I'm sure you'll see more and more in the near future from them. These types of video are done most of the time with animated text or images or even characters. You can use them to tell a Story or for your sales videos. A great site to start with your videos are for example Make Business Video | Animated Video Production |

2. Doodle Drawings - You have seen them probably in a lot of sales video in the last year or so and they are quite popular. These are the videos where you see a hand drawing pictures and text while a narrator tells the story. You can go to the Warrior Forum for example and hire guys over there which can make real professional ones or you can make them yourself with a new Software (Sparkol VideoScribe).

3. Screen Capture Videos - I like those videos and I do a lot of them lately. All you have to do is getting a screen capture software like Camtasia and record your screen. You can see a video like that in this post where I recorded my screen and talked about what I do on my screen.

4. Keynote/Powerpoint Videos - You have different choices to create your powerpoint videos. The first one is to create a powerpoint presentation and record the slideshow with your screen capute software like in the screen capture method. The advantage of this method is that you can explain the slides to your viewers or you can have music in the background. The second way is to save it with powerpoint directly as a video. You can do it with your powerpoint version from 2010 and higher.

5. Talking head video - The last and for me the best way to create a video is to be in front of the camera and explain your content to your viewers by yourself. It can be scary in the beginning if you never did it before but trust me you'll get more confident with every videos you shoot. Just don't care how you look or sound and what the people think about your or if they make fun about you. The first step is always the hardest one and even great speaker or actor had problems when they stand the first time in front of a camera. You can record those videos with a flip cam or a webcam or even like I do with your smartphone.

I hope you could show you a few ways to start your video marketing success with your own videos. Go out there and start making videos. There are many ways how to make a good youtube video you just have to find the right one for you.

So it's now your turn!

What are your favorite ways to make good videos?
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