How to find targeted visitors via social networks?

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Hello friends,

Can you show me ways How to find targeted visitors via social networks?

for example, I want to find via Twitter, Facebook. How to do that ?

Any ideas ?
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    For Facebook is easy, just extract ID's of members who are already in some groups/pages related to your niche but this are not 100% targeted because lots of members just join groups/pages for fun or being added by others.
    Another option is to add interest and will give you members interested in your niche.
    This is for Facebook!
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    To find target visitors on Facebook. Just add Interest list and facebook will show you the people who are interested in it.

    On Twitter, search enter the topic, You want to search. Twitter will filter tweets, people.

    Based on that, we can engage with them.
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    Originally Posted by spyrit View Post

    for twitter, search for your keyword, and follow the people you find, many of them will follow you back, and it time you will have a lot of followers from that niche, then you can start promoting your things.
    Yes, that's what I did, too with my Twitter following. I follow the followers of influencers belonging to the same niche, wait for them to follow back, post, relevant contents and ask questions to encourage followers to engage. That actually worked for me. But be careful on massively following people. You might want to check out Twitter's rules on that, otherwise you get yourself banned.
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    I find that connecting with other pages and people in the same niche really helps. You could do a "share for share" kind of thing which benefits both of you. Follow and like other pages in the same niche, connect with them and take advantages of things like hashtags.
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    There's a lot of great ideas in this thread. The biggest thing that has worked for me is joining groups in my niche and just connecting with people. There is nothing better in social media than being social Message people, talk with them about something in particular about their page. Make them feel important like they are so not only will they visit your page and press like, but also want to share with their friends too!
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  • For twitter I recommend using It's my favorite tool for finding targeted users. It has a great set of tools to help you find exactly who you're looking for:
    -you can search for keywords in their bio description to find people interested in specific things
    -you can select a location for geo-targeting
    -you can select a minimum/max number of followers (or following) for them to have

    After you hit the search button it finds you what you need and you can even sort them by social authority and more.

    Hope it helps
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  • you can do a hashtag search. For Facebook and Twitter, type a hashtag that's relevant to your target. If you were doing fashion, for example, a HUGE hashtag is #ootd (outfit of the day). So just figure out what your users like to hashtag about and search that way.
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    For Facebook there are tools that let you search groups and extract the ID's of group members. Then you can target your ads at only those members. All you have to do is search groups related to your niche. Check out the WSO section of the Warrior forum. There are tools in there that do this.
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    Another great way to do your targeting on Facebook & Twitter together is to go on Google and type a broad keyword for your niche. Copy + Paste some of the blog/website urls in the landing page field of the Google Keyword Planner.

    You will then get the keywords the 1st page url is targeting. Use these keywords as your #tags or keywords to search for users/profiles (Facebook or Twitter) I use youtube alot but I link my twitter and FB together across the board to hit everything at once.

    Remember: A keyword is competitve for the reason of it's profitability.

    You'll find alot of different users/profiles for different keywords. Just a way for you to have a way to really dig in to finding targeted users/profiles that you can use to show ads to or just plainly market to.

    Hope this short method helps some
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    hashtags can help

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    I'm not as familiar with Twitter, but you should be able to search for keywords related to your niche market, or #hashtags. For Facebook I like to join groups related to my target market and interact with the people in those groups.

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      I think hashtags are indeed the easiest way to keyword-target a post. You can also set up blog feeds via Feedburner that help allow you to automatically insert hashtags based on blog category or tags.

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        If you want to invest a little more time and effort you can create a Facebook app which will give you demographic information, such as geographic location, that may be essential to your analytics.
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    Just use the right target in the facebook. As long as you choose the right target, then they will be aware or buying your offer
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    Through Facebook in add interest option it will display the list of people who are interested by that way you can popularize your brand then promote it..

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    You can find people in your targeted twitter. write that you are looking for in serach field will display people who need something. Let's suppose you sell clothing, try typing in the search field then accounts emerged of people who need clothes. from there you can memfollow and give a good greeting to them.

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