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by pasin
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Hello everybody!
What should I put in precise interests of my fb ad if I want to create a fb page like this
So I'd like to know how to target the right people.
Thanx in advance!
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    Well with reference to your page on Facebook, You can target the entire Geography of the world, because People through out the world are interested in Animals, even over a wide range of variety of animals. However, in order to target the specific Geographic region to increase likes on your face book page you need to start with your home country.
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    I agree. Focus on geo-targeting, you don't need to worry too much about any more specific factors for that sort of page. Although it's not in English so beside having animals, I don't know what the purpose of it is.

    Anyways, good luck!
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    You should definately put in presice interests for any type of page you are trying to get likes for in my opinion. This way your clicks are far more targeted so you are much more likely to actually get a like. People spend way more than they need to setting up ads and this way you will get the most out of your money. Just make sure you still have a large enough number to go after! I just set up an ad using this method for a page and I get likes for $0.01 each - almost everytime....
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  • hey mate

    didnt able to read your description as it was in non english langauge .. but i studied your fb page and found it's related to animal and nature so i think you should target pages like i love my pet, i love my dog, i love my cat etc ..

    there you will find relevance audience ..

    best of luck for your campaign ..
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    I wouldn't worry about geo targeting I would buy a tool like slf and target pages/groups that are similar to yours.
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    Be specific if you are going to be doing SEO traffic.
    Facebook and Twitter are excellent platforms as well.

    Affiliate links and templates are not allowed.

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    It depends on what you intend to achieve with your facebook page. some pages are used for driving traffic to your blog or for advertising directly on the page.
    Put information related to your page like tips,news,deals and products related to your niche.Also join similar pages to see what other people are posting on their pages.
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    I found another website on cute animal photos.
    bascially the demo of the visitor are
    1) Female
    2) age between 25-34
    3) have kids
    4) graudate from college

    If i were you, I would firdst segment my audience by their age.
    1) 13-15
    2) 15-18
    3) 19-21
    4) 21-24
    7) 35+
    these number aren't plucked out from thin air but I hope you can understand that young people goes through puberty and they their style of thinking or what they think are cute changes quickly between 13-18. So don't lump the people age 13-18 together.

    After your test, and let say teenagers age between 15-18 gives you the highest CTR and lowest Cost per like, I would go ahead and split test the different animals that will get their attention the most. eg cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, chicken and so on... You can play with the specific interest targeting as well. You know showing kitten picture to people who like cats etc and facebook targeting is pretty accurate IMO.

    So let say now, you have found out that people who are age between 15-18 and likes dogs give you the highest CTR and lowest Cost per like s, Its time for you to scale to other countries. At the same time, continue to split test your images.

    IMO it's important to know your target audience well and your own audience. By knowing your target audience well, you can easily take the winning targeting options and scale to other countries.

    And by knowing your own audience well (eg dog lover), you can will know what kind of content will keep them engaged(eg dogs picture). But of course, be willing to try new things like adding pictures of other cute animals etc...

    According to data from quantcast, your audience mostly have kids, so you might wanna post pictures of cute animals interacting with childrens? something like this?

    So in summary, you start off by narrowing down your age group. Followed by the type of animals. You move on to split test your images, ad copy and headlines etc... High CTR means lower CPCs means lower cost per likes means Larger number of fans.

    Hope this helps.
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