How to increase Twitter followers safely?

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can you show me any tips how to increase Twitter followers safely?
I have a decent followers but I still want to increase higher amounts. Just want to know any ideas on that.

Thank you
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    1. Post value

    Should be self-explanatory. Don't spam. Be an authority in your niche. If you're linking to something informational always use the best source possible.

    2. Use hashtags

    Don't stick hashtags at the end of your posts. Incorporate them into your #tweet, like that. It looks more professional.

    3. Retweeting

    Retweet for others if the tweet provides value.

    4. Fishing for followers

    Send your messages to hashtags that are related to your niche. Don't just send messages to your followers. Send them out to popular hashtags too. Use to find active hashtags in your niche.

    5. @mentions

    Keep tabs on @mentions and always reply.

    6. Ask questions

    Once you're tapped in to the popular hash tags for your niche, participate in the discussion. Get your handle out there. Engage. Ask lots of questions and try to provide value in return.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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      Originally Posted by Ghoster View Post

      5. @mentions

      Keep tabs on @mentions and always reply. .
      what is mentions , can you show me in details?

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    1 target power twitter
    2 you can tweet during rush hours
    3 follow other peoples on twitter
    4 you can in tract with your followers on twitter
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      Just follow the people on daily basis. If you follow 100 users than I'm quite sure that 30 plus will follow you back. So if you follow 2000 people 500 surely follow you back. Keeping un follow those who don't follow you back. You can follow more 100 on daily basis.
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    following others in your niche is the simplest way to increase the no# of your followers..
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    Respond to people who are interested in similar content. When you comment on, retweet, or favorite a Twitter post, consider following users who also engaged with the post. The users will notice that you share similar interests in content and therefore be more inclined to follow you.

    Tweet inspirational quotes. Quotes tend to see higher engagement on Twitter because people enjoy reading them and sharing with others. With the free app Forismatic, for instance, you will receive a wide array of inspiring quotes that you can instantly post to Twitter. This will help you to increase engagement, as well as save time.
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    1. post interesting content
    2. share relevant and important news/ info as soon as it comes up;
    3. Be sociable. Talk to your audience
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    Try John Chow's service called Twiends. It's a follow-back community and has some neat functionality.
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      Originally Posted by HeadStartSEO View Post

      Try John Chow's service called Twiends. It's a follow-back community and has some neat functionality.
      I also use it too and I it is indeed a good platform to use to increase your Twitter followers. Try it and see for yourself.
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    i have used Twitter...
    got no response.
    but thanks for sharing
    these insights...
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    Manage your profile properly,
    and follow people then people give you follow back this is such a good way to increase your followers.

    And thanx guys for sharing.
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    Ads in Facebook is a good idea.
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    Try You don't have to follow anyone, so there's no risk of aggressive behavior
    Domains for sale - see
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    You should check out Twiz.
    I have used it to build a couple of accounts, I have seen results as good as 1k new followers a week!
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      Some of the easiest methods through which you can increase the number of twitter followers, is by using the paid services like on SEOclerks, or you can even purchase one of those accounts, with many followers. Also, there are tools available online, that can auto-tweet for you in-case you have a huge followers.
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    Hey, You may also try free traffic exchange websites like addmefast or empireavenue to increase your followers.
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    To increase your Twitter followers make interest tweet regularly. Make your Twitter profile interesting by adding good profile photo and also background photo.
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    use hash tag (#) into interesting tweet topic and search you want talk about the topic and then start a conversation with search appear result.
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    Post entertaining,interesting & informative tweets,
    Follow others,
    And you can use tools like add me fast to get followers.

    Enjoy Life.

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    Have frequent @ conversations with influential people in your niche. If they respond to you enough, you might peel away some of their followers. Keep doing this with many other influential accounts and you'll get targeted followers in your niche plus you build your influence.
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    The best way to build initial followers is by following targeted people. By this way you will get few followers. Now go to reddit, tumblr, Facebook and other major social networks and look out for viral images. Create a collection of more than 500 viral images. Give all of them a unique tweet which is engaging and relevant. Now schedule these 500 tweets with images on Twitter in regular intervals. Once all of yours 500 viral images will be posted after then post your status in this thread. I guess you would have some good number of followers by then.
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    I read they have a 1000 follow per day rule, thats pretty high if you get banned from Twitter you probably deserved it. I only follow around 90 per day on autopilot
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    You can increase your twitter follower by different ways. Social website , Follow new people and unfollow extra friends and increase new tweet flower.
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    Share information with perfect hash tags. Twitter is basically known for latest news. Share it asap and be active on twitter, Follow , retweet , do DMs, Favourites,. This will be helpful gaining followers safely.

    Great Problems have Great Solutions. VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers hosting

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    Tweet a lot more and often, like basic things you might do, YOU follow more people, and hopefully they will return the favor..Otherwise you can buy followers from freelancer sites.

    Organize Toll-Free Conference Call with Onconference

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    Use Twitter chats. It's really huge. My friend has built a 10k profile in 2 months just chatting every day. Here's a Google Hangout re-play on the power of this method, if I can share Twitter Marketing with Twitter Chats | Online Marketing with Max
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    Probably the laziest you can do it is to just follow random people, then follow back everyone that follows you. Retweet from your niche, you'll get a 1000 from doing that in maybe 10 days.
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    Try to take interest in what others are Tweeting and have genuine interactions with them. Don't just spray and pray your Tweets.
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