4 Ways to Rank Videos in 2013 with my video ranking factors!

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Ranking videos in google can be a complex task but when you don’t overcomplicate things then it’s possible to rank video in google with 4 simple steps. Those are my ranking factors which worked for me in 2013 and if you follow them you’ll be able to rank your videos as well.

Step Number 1 Pre Video Factors

To rank videos and have an advantage against your completion you should put in some work in your channel to make them strong in the eyes from YT and Google.
  • Setup your channel with all your details like your email, website, social media and so on
  • If you have a logo or icon and you should have on set it + get a personalized Channel art for example from www.fiverr.com
  • To be able to make clickable images in your videos associate your website and verify it

Step Number 2 Important Video Factors
  • Even if it sounds strange but use your keywords in your video because YT is able to recognize them in your videos
  • Name the video you upload using your keyword and upload it to YT with that name

Step Number 3 On-Page Video SEO
  • Until you finished to put everything in there upload your video as unlisted to prevent that YT indexed your video before everything is in place
  • First step for your on-page SEO use your keyword in the title
  • Put in a full rich description beginning with your keyword and your URL next
  • You can add your URL two times in the description + the URL of your video
  • If you want put links of your social media channel in there
  • Add address and phone number (for local businesses)
  • Add your keyword again
  • Add annotations in the video for call to actions that people do take action like subscribing to your channel or clicking through to your blog (that’s a new feature from YT which you can use if you associated your website
  • Use captions and transcribe your whole video with your keyword rich text or put at least the keyword once in there

Step Number 4: Off Site SEO

You can do your off-site seo like on normal blog posts with backlinking. I know I know what you wanna say what kind of backlinks do I need and don’t they hurt my seo. It is pretty hard to hurt your videos with links. I don’t know why but Youtube is owned from google and they don’t penalize youtube videos out of this reason I guess. That means you can use every kind of links from wiki links to blog comments, bookmarks, link wheels and so on. Here are some tips you should taking heed of.
  • Share your videos on as many social media sites as you can
  • If your video is not as high ranking as it could, build backlinks to it
  • When you build backlinks ping them as well

Okay guys that’s the way to rank your videos in 2013. It is working and it will work for you as well. Not every video will rank as good as other ones but the key is to keep going and keep making video and you’ll see with every video you make you’ll get better and better.

Okay now it's your turn guys! How do you rank your videos???
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