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Hi Warriors:

Hope all is well tonight.

Have some questions about YouTube videos as created for the hope of selling a service or product.

If you were promoting ZZZZ would YouTube care how many videos you have about the product or service as long as they are different?

Does YouTube care if you wanted to use your channel to promote multiple things?

How many videos can you upload per day without it being an issue?

What are the general rules for what a video and description box should or should not contain?

When reading the Terms of Service it seems the main concern is about owning the copyright. I obviously would hold all rights to what I upload.

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    There is no probblem promoting as long as you don't violate tos.
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    You can promote multiple videos for the same product, if they don`t violate the tos.
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    there is no issue in this, you can add as many videos as you like, it is good and it increases the chances for your product to get more exposure, try adding videos with different terms.
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    Using YouTube to promote products is what a lot of people do, nowadays. Just be more creative to attract a bigger audience or make a trademark that can make your promotions stand out. As long as you do not violate any portion of the ToS, you can upload as many videos as you can.
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