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I have a couple of questions which I hope you guys will help me out with...

1) Is it possible to create multiple accounts for different sites (i.e one account for one site each) on twitter in order to have a better control over content/tweets?

2) Do Digg and Reddit still work for new accounts or do you require a long list of friends for them to be effective?

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    Reddit works for new accounts but the traffic there is worthless in my opinion. My bounce rate is 20-30% normally and over 90% from Reddit, on both sites I've posted. I assume it's like 4chan traffic (Over 3k unique from reddit and not one ad click)
    Reddit also will stealth ban you so you don't realize you've been blocked from posting, it looks like you do but just doesn't pop up anywhere on the feed (only shows up to yourself) so if you post and no hits, you are probably stealth banned.

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    I think Reddit can work, it just depends on the sub-reddit that you are posting into.
    i.e. /r/funny is going to be a very different demographic to /r/entrepreneur
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    I second the statement made above. The traffic is still there with Reddit, but it doesn't amount to much. Many users use adblock so even making money off of AdSense is out of the question.
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    Thanks for the replies. I remember when I first started a news site Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon were the best traffic sources initially, at least until the site was accepted by Google News. Now it seems both Reddit and Digg are no longer good options for 'easy' traffic generation (though of course the blogs are not exactly 'affiliate' targeted)..what about twitter? Is it possible to create different accounts for different sites?
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      I think these are esp. good for backlinks and perhaps fo some popular news/niches/videos.
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    You can create multiple accounts on Twitter not sure on Reddit and Digg. Maybe it is possible if you use different emails.
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    As already said, I found the bounce rate from Reddit traffic is around 90% for my sites!

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