How do i put ads on Facebook.

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I'm a newbie. i've tried to put CPA links and images on facebook ads
but it didn't work shows my picture is to small, but it's the right size.
I've test random web pages and doesn't have any issues bout that....
help... please if anyone know how??
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    Go buy a coupon on fiverr and get $50 worth of free ads. That will be the 1st step.
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      where do i buy fiverr's coupon? u mean buying fiverr's gigs to put my ads?
      so facebook cant put cpa ads?
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        Hey there,

        You cant put cpa ads directly in your facebook advertising account.

        My suggestion is to cloak the ad.
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    Most CPA links get blocked by Facebook and if your direct linking to an offer it will most likely not get approved. If this happens you have to re-direct the link so Facebook can't see it. There used to be simple re-direct codes but Facebook is cracking down on that too.

    If you want a guaranteed way, you can just make a landing page first. Use it to pre-sell, capture leads etc.
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    And about the Fiverr thing that was mentioned. He just means to buy the coupon. People sell $50 coupons worth of ads for $5. That's it. Then YOU use it and make ads as usual but have $50 worth of ads for only $5. You can only use this once though on a new account.
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      Any idear why i get a "Error loading preview." my image ads are correct size ?
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    If you are taking the time to make Facebook ads, you probably don't want to risk having your account banned using a $5 coupon from fiverr. Using a squeeze page app on Facebook with a link where people can purchase your affiliate offer directly is the best way to go given the problems with using external urls. The error loading preview is often a URL issue.

    Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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