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I just joined a new business opportunity called wake up now. I am trying to figure out the best social network to advertise it on. I have 25,000 followers on twitter 25,000 on Instagram and only 2200 on Facebook I get a lot of views from each but Facebook is the only place I have had new members sign up from. I know its early but do you think this means Facebook is the best place to advertise my new business.
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  • The first thing you should do is to look at your target demographic and look at the demographic that you have on your social media accounts. Start with the social media accounts that's closest to your target market.
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    I agree with you john to target demographic location he can also take the help of facebook page for local business and add location on it.
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    I also agree that you look for your target demographic, first. It is good that you already have a good number of followers both on Twitter and Instagram. You would not really have to worry about the number of fans you have on Facebook. I believe that it is still the fastest one to help you reach a bigger market. But, of course, the results will still depend upon the efforts that you will be making.
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    Facebook is a good place to start...Hands down..Target demographics. It's necessary. And when you are ready to advertise Quantcast.com and Alexa.com are great for giving you alot of demographic info to use.
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    Every social media platform has its own importance, so your have a very good user base and need to lill focus on Facebook as well so u get more revenue.
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    Actually, you can just make use of all the three choices that you have. If you are not planning on using the rest for something, why would you still hold back? While your resources are still there, maximize them but focus on the strongest social networking site for you.
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    Its too early as you said to reach any definitive conclusions about the effectiveness of any one platform. Continue using all three for now and run ads on all if you can until you have enough data and information to make an informed decision.
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    Indeed. You might have a very big number of followers on each of the social networking sites that you have mentioned but you can't say whether the followers you have are going to be useful for your business. You can never be too certain about the success of your business just by looking at the number of followers that you have.
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    I would say if you can monetize on all 3 keep them don't sacrifice everyone does things different

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    facebook is a great place to start!
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      Originally Posted by Calvin231178 View Post

      facebook is a great place to start!
      Only if you are able to find your target market there. You can never really tell where the best place for you is until you get to try all the options that you have. But yes, if we are going to talk about the total population of social media users, Facebook is an excellent place to start.
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