Yale University educated blogger - looking for tips on how to land new clients

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Hi Warriors!

I'm a prolific blogger-for-hire who's written over 33,000 blog posts, articles and web pages since 2003.

I'm looking to expand my practice and take on new clients -- ideally, people/businesses who want awesome innovative blogging done for them -- and I'd love some of your thoughts. Believe it or not, I get most of my work by cold calling people (it's fun!), but I'm sure there's a better mousetrap.

Here are my competitive advantages:
  • Never run out of interesting new ideas. Many bloggers who write consistently about a topic ultimately hit a wall. They either begin repeating themselves or they start churning out boilerplate. This is bad because Mother Google (and human visitors) want more than just "content" -- they want interesting content.
  • Can be funny. Many clients like to play it straight with their content. But if a client wants to get edgier/funnier with the web content, I can help. Among other things, I've worked for the legendary Mel Brooks as a writer on Spaceballs: The Animated Series, which ran on the G4 network.
  • Crazy prolific. Since 2003, I've written over 32,000 web content articles and blog posts.
  • Can match any tone requested.
  • Can provide free samples on any topic before client commits
Here's my current site: www.x2abc.com.

Thanks for any insights!

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