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Hey Guys and Girls

I've never been one to "Publicly blast" someone, but i was on my linkedin account today doing some networking and i stumbled upon a Sarah Jayne Gratton

Sarah-Jayne Gratton
I help brands succeed and thrive through social media.

was her tagline, great i thought a like minded person, maybe we could share some ideas

Checked out her other posts, she's a "best selling author", sells multiple books on how to get a big twitter following etc along with her husband

Checked out her twitter, she's got 70k more than me... 270k

Now ofcourse i KNOW that anyone with a big following will have fake followers or INACTIVE followers according to "Fake follower check sites" but out of curiosity i decided to run her name through

I mean even my own twitter account is something like 30% fake/inactive

94% Fake 5% Inactive 1% real

Are what was returned from a fairly lenient fake follower check website, that actually lets MORE seem real than the rest in my experience

Its not even believable that these followers just BECAME inactive over the course of her twitter account or whatever, she gets NO retweets on any of her tweets nor favourites

Yet on her linkedin she has recommendations from people, who she probably has just got thousands of fake followers/likes on their accounts

I just think its disgusting that she can do this, i mean with those percentages anyway if she had maybe 50/50% Ok i would let it slide i think but come on now, really

She is selling a book and services...

I suppose my question is, when you see people like this do you just let them be or would you confront them/ maybe even let them know that they have fake followers ?

I don't know, sorry guys just had to rant
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    This was rather interesting and I got to actually checking my fake follower ratio on my account (50% fake, yikes!).

    Anyways, why not just let it slide my friend? After all, if it's fake it'll expose over time just as you did. The only thing we can truly focus on that will create results is our personal IPAs and what we are working on creating.

    I wouldn't even remember that person after finding that out! I would move on to the next person to connect with!

    Thanks for the tip brother, I'll keep a more due diligent force around me now with that little tool belt!
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