How Can I Get a Celebrity Level Klout Score of 70+?

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Why Should I Care About My Klout Score?
You should care about your Klout score if you do any kind of Internet marketing or want to be seen as an authority on any subject. The Klout Score is a 1-100 number showing how influential you are. While this may sound stupid at first as I thought it did when I heard about it, small groups of people are religious about their Klout score. The simplicity of seeing how influential you are online has all kinds of obvious benefits and more companies will be using this information in the future. If you are new to what you are doing, having a high Klout score can help you land bigger and better business deals by giving you concrete evidence to show that people pay attention when you talk. If you are established, your Klout score is a concrete measurement that gives an indication of how many people and which people are paying attention to you. Companies already are offering exclusive rewards for having a high Klout score and checking Klout scores before hiring for certain positions. In summary, you should care about your Klout score because it is an easy way to show people you matter online.

How Can I get a Celebrity Level Klout Score of 70+?
First, make a Facebook page and a Twitter account to begin. Next, you link both of these to a Klout business account. Then, you start showing ads to build your likes and engagement on Facebook while doing the same on Twitter. Finally, after probably three months to a year, your Klout score will continually climb. The best part is that it will generally hold steady once you get it higher if you just keep up with some engagement.

How High Should I Push My Score?
I personally am pushing mine as far as it will go because it seems harder for the score to drop then to get it there in the first place. I just hit 70 today and I am going to see how much higher it will go! The average Klout Score is 40 and users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users which means 70 is probably close to the top 1%. I wanted to hit 70 because "Likeable" has that score. They are a leading social media management company with huge accounts such as Heineken. They made $5 million last year in revenue and are growing at over 300% per year. I figured they would look good in the rearview! You can set your sights on whatever a grand goal would be and work to push past it! This may be ridiculous but I want to push mine towards Obama's of 99. At this rate I will need ten to twenty times my current advertising budget to do it!

What the Hell is a Celebrity Klout Score Going to do for Me?
By itself it probably will do very little for you tomorrow. The value is in the time and dedication you place into building an exceptional reputation for yourself online. If you start now, you will have people, companies, and opportunities finding you without you having to do much. You can be looking at world class opportunities and perks not available to most people. As Klout score adoption and awareness spreads among the people that have money, power, and influence, having a good Klout score will continue to get you found and give you opportunities you would never have got otherwise. On top of that, the work of building your Klout score should do the same for you. To get a celebrity level Klout score, you will need to stand out from the masses to begin with. This standing out is what will help you continue to work towards the growth you want. This can help in any profession but I would think it is most critical for the kind of people that read these forums. You are more likely than others to be judged by and benefit from looking good online.

Can You Give Me All of the Information I Need to Build My Klout Score?
The system I gave before is not really simple at all and I will elaborate as best I can on how to handle the details of it now!
  1. Building a Klout Business Account with Facebook and Twitter. This is the key starting point because it helps you setup what you need to do in future steps. Getting a lot of engagement on a personal Facebook account and a personal Twitter account is difficult to say the least. Sure if you want a few hundred likes you can do it but if you want to reach Obama's level of engagement, you will need an ad budget and a strategy 99.9% of the time. If you do not have a business, you can still use whatever you would call your business if you had it or you can just make it your name. However you go about it, you need to have one Facebook page and one Twitter account ready for maximum engagement.
  2. Advertise Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts Worldwide. Once you have the accounts up and connected, now you need to build them. You need high engagement on both for maximum effect or you can just do really well on one. What's cool about Klout is that people are all counted fairly equal to one another. Thousands of people with low Klout scores engaging with your content will help you much more most of the time than having a few with higher scores engage. Hence, we return to my same strategy I suggest in most of my posts. You want to make global Facebook ads and global Twitter ads targeted to the lowest cost audience possible. On top of that, you need to maximize the ads for engagement with your posts. Since you need more than just a one time like or follow, you will want to laser in on the combination of low cost per like and follow combined with resulting engagement. Open up your idea of what you can promote. Try promoting anything you like or believe in. Make all of your content in such a way that the 1% of people that will click on everything will be happy and return to your page. Give the people what they want and remove whatever they don't. Build the maximum number of likes on Facebook and engagement on Twitter that you can stand to do every day. A consistent campaign all year will work better than one quick and fast effort.
  3. Engage the Followers You Have and Keep Building New Ones! Once you have a giant following, you need to focus on only posting content they love. Less great posts rank better than a lot of decent posts. On top of engaging the following you already have, you need to directly promote the content and build the engagement on that. Thousands of likes and retweets on will guarantee your score rockets up and stays there. A global audience can help you do this on a reasonable ad budget which can be as low as $10/day. You have to keep getting new people all the time because people tend to have periods of time where they use social media lot and then where they neglect it. You always have to be in front of the people using it a lot and the only way to ensure that is to constantly run ads.
  4. Use and Benefit from Your Score! Half of the point in building your score is to maintain your own enthusiasm and interest in what you do since this is where you have the most control. The more people positively interact and support what you do, the more confident you will be. This in turn will continue to push the opportunities you land beyond what is possible for most people. The farther out you get from what most people can do, the more your influence will grow without you having to force it using ads. You can share your Klout score, your Facebook page, and your Twitter account with potential clients, employers, friends, family, and anyone else that would be happy to see you do well.

Why Do I Know What I am Talking About?
I just did this myself and I believe everything I have told you to the bottom of my heart because it is working for me and working for the people I know. Get in on building yourself up online while it is easy and the opportunities will find you instead of you having to find them!
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