Want People at Facebook Headquarters to Pay Attention to You? Here is How to Do It!

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First, let me begin by asking why you would want anyone at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California to pay attention to you? Why is what you have to say to them worth them taking notice of you? Once you have formulated your why or if you just want to know how, you can use this simple system to get Facebook or any other large organization to notice you.

Executive Summary:
You need to have a URL you want people at Facebook to notice, a compelling message to get their attention, and then execute a $100 - $500 mobile ad campaign right over Facebook HQ to deliver the message. This worked for me within 24 hours of my ads starting. Read the details of how to do it below and know that this strategy can work to help you reach almost any type of organization.

1) Begin with your "why". Making the reason you want them to notice you crystal clear will help you iron out the details of how you should do it based on the tools I highlight here. If you are not sure why or if you find your why is based on something negative, then you might want to reconsider whether to move forward!
2) Use your why to build what you want them to notice. This could be a website, a blog, a Facebook page, or a mobile app. Make sure whatever you want them to notice loads perfectly on a MOBILE DEVICE.
3) Make a compelling message that anyone related to Facebook would take notice of. This means their kids, friends, family, and associates they might see in the course of the day. The message is the MOST important part and should be VERY SIMPLE and VERY SHORT!
4) Put your message on three sizes of small pictures in the pixel dimensions as follows (Length x Width, .jpg or .png): 728x90, 480x60, and 300x250. I recommend having only the text in one color and the background in another so the message is all that stands out.
5) Find a mobile advertising platform you can use to show your ads. I prefer mMedia because it is independent, less restrictive on ad creatives/content, shows in most popular apps, is cheap, and shows on both android and apple devices. You also can try Google AdWords, iAd, inMobi, or get as creative as you want. I would however recommend not trying to get the attention of the organization you want to reach with their own ad platform!
6) Once you have selected the mobile ad platform, you now need to target your ads to show directly over Facebook headquarters (or whatever other organization you want to select) within a 25 to 50 mile radius. I recommend 50 miles so that you can get most of them while they are at home. If you need locate Facebook HQ, search for Facebook HQ, find the official Facebook page, and use the address they provide. You also can just use Menlo Park, California.
7) For the ad campaign you run, the ads need to be a shotgun approach all over the area preferably over a short period of time. You might have to bid higher and spend at least $100 to get enough ad impressions to get noticed. The reason is you want people that see the ad to talk about it. The actual person that is a decision maker may not be likely to see it but the hundreds of people they know may mention it to them if you do it right.
8) Be ready for fast follow up, good or bad!

Why I Do I Know This?
My "WHY" for getting the attention of the people at Facebook HQ was to get some feedback on my business model which is creating ad campaigns for people and guaranteeing results for a fixed cost when that's all they want. In running my Facebook ad business, I have lots of small side projects I devote 20% or less of my time to in order to innovate and research. One of those was a website offering only 100,000+ guaranteed Facebook like packages delivered with Facebook ads. I created this because people frequently tell me they want 100,000 likes for their page and they want to pay one flat cost for it instead of blindly giving Facebook money to show ads. I started by showing mobile ads in Canada and then had the bright idea I should give the ads a shot over Facebook HQ to see how or if they would respond. I figured they would be either really impressed or really pissed off. Sometimes being right is not fun! I had been having a slow month and I figured this was a good time if I was going to discover my vulnerabilities to do it. I like to be prepared for bad things happening and sometimes getting your ass shot off on purpose is a good way to do this!

I ran the ads on mmedia over Facebook HQ for my website. The website I was advertising was a one page simple sales pitch stating clearly that I created Facebook ads and guaranteed to get 100,000 likes for a fixed price as the result. I also included my own page as a reference and case studies from other pages. The page looked nothing like the typical "buy likes" pages out there.

Within 24 hours of the ads starting over Menlo Park, they banned my entire main URL from Facebook (not the URL I was advertising). They banned it so hard that I can't even put an email address in on that URL. They also got my site I was advertising taken down completely and got the entire hosting account I was using suspended which killed all of the websites I had on it. What did they do to my Facebook account? Thankfully very little! They removed my page's cover photo which showed a screenshot of my page insights highlighting the over 500,000 likes I got from ads and sponsored stories. They also blocked my ability to share any links for a few days which thankfully seems to have passed now. Considering I was trying to get people to spend thousands on Facebook ads through doing business with me, this was not the result I was expecting!

What is the point?
If you want to get people's attention, it really is not that hard and it does not cost that much. You might get a different result than you hope for out of that attention and even if it is bad, you can use bad luck to help you advance what you do!
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