How To Use Instagram To Your Advantage!

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I hear a lot of affiliates talking about how important social media is, but they are not using the full potential of Instagram. It is a social media site for sharing pictures and videos. Which is perfect for any campaign including SMS text marketing ? Where all you have to do is post a pic saying text abc to 123 for example. And the user is already on their phone ...I know I know genius. It's also good for driving traffic to your landing page, CPA offer, squeeze page. blog or any website. As I said before People are lazy and would rather look than read. It is an untapped market for affiliates that I don't really hear that many marketers using. I defiantly use Instagram and would advise you to do the same.

Just in case, you aren't familiar with Instagram it is and extremely popular social network that provides a fun way for its users to take and share photos and now vidoes with friends and followers online.Unlike other social networks you can only access instant great from a mobile application. So, to take advantage of this powerful network for your business you'll need is a mobile device like your smartphone, iPod touch, iPad, or tablet and an Instagram account. Then you can snap, upload and edit your photos or videos on the fly for sharing on multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. And we all know by linking other social sites to your Instagram you are for sure to increase all your followers on all of your social media websites.

For marketing purposes you can use it to showcase your products, services and increase the awareness and popularity of your brand online. Instagram photos and albums are extremely powerful for adding personality to brands in a way that no other network has been able to achieve successfully.

Your main focus with Instagram should be having appealing pictures for your target to find interesting, to follow your link, and if you are not using appealing pictures for your target you are missing out.
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