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how to get followers on Pinterest?
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    Whetever you do, do not go around following random people. That will get your account banned. The best thing to do would be to like, repin and comment on peoples pictures. Most of them will follow you in the hope that you will follow them back.
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    First make a good looking profile with a lot of boards and interesting pins, try to make some eye catching boards

    Then join some group boards and pin there it will give you a boost and stream of followers

    Make sure to directly pin from site instead repinning, in this way you will get more followers
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    Make your friends through other links like Gmail, facebook, invite them and tell them to follow. Post good Images and videos which attract the visitors then they will like and follow you.
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    When you join, a list of your Facebook friends will be imported. You can start following them. Many of them will follow back. Also, you can join social media exchanges to gain followers.
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    Create good profile and update interesting news daily.
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    Make sure you have great photos which attract pinners attention, create interesting account. Get invitation to group boards related to your pins and start pinning.
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    can you put your link in description of someone else pictures? is taht legal?
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      your pins and board need to be interesting and attracctive which will be pinned virally. an try to follow others in the same niche
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    can you put your link in description of someone else pictures? is that legal?
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      Originally Posted by spyrit View Post

      i don't think you can do it. as for legal....i don't think anyone will sue you for that...cause you can't do it

      so how can people get so many exclusive images that they own, or are property of their website tu put links in description?
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        First of all your own profile should be complete and eye catching. You need to follow other Pinterest users, but you need to do this strategically. Like and repin other's pins. A general rule of thumb is to limit your following to no more than 50-100 accounts a day. Otherwise Pinterest may try to slow you down. Depending on the strength of your Pinterest strategy, you can expect a follow-back ratio ranging between 20%-50%.
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    I use Pinterest quite a bit and it's actually one of my top traffic generating social sites. Here is a quick blog post/video that I recently put together to shares how to leverage Pinterest to build your business. How To Grow & Market Your Home Based Business With Pinterest | Andrea Bolder: Creating 6 Figure Success Online
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    Pinterest is for many a source of entertainment, a place where you can find reliable information and a good community. For marketers, on the other hand, Pinterest is one of our dearest friends, a friend who's there to help us generate leads for our products, services and establish a long term relationship with our clients. Here are the tips how you can get more Pinterest followers and promote your business.

    • Add the Pinterest Follow Button
    • Share pins regularly
    • Add the Profile Widget
    • Comment on Popular Pins
    • Connect Your Social Networks
    • Organize your boards
    • Implement the Pin Button and Pinterest Link
    • Use Hash tags

    As you can see there are plenty of ways to help you build a serious network based on Pinterest. All you have to do is to be creative and the results will be there to support you as soon as possible. Have a nice day
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    If you follow other people there is a chance that they follow you too, but not all of them will do it, be sure. Just take care not to be banned.
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    Making creative and stand-out boards and regularly posting on Pinterest ought to do the trick. Of course, you can always follow those who have similar interest with you or those who are in your other social media groups, like Facebook, Twitter and the likes, as a way of encouraging them to do the same.
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    create attractive profile and follow other people and like their board.
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    Originally Posted by midokaka View Post

    how to get followers on Pinterest?
    Pin attractive looking pins, what do people want to see, what's the latest trend on the internet etc. People repin colorful images and relevant images which WILL result in an increase of followers.

    Try it out!
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    Oh, I forgot to mention, the most repinned pins on pinterest are travel and fashion related!
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    To get followers you need to work on one of the rules of life and that is "Give and Take". Which means you have to follow others and its possible a lot that they will follow you back, but don't follow anonymous and random people, it's not gonna help you.
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