What is a Facebook Dark Post? And Why You Should Use Them...

by AlyseS
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Why should you use Facebook Dark Posts?

If you have a fan page, you can use dark posts to optimize posts for better results before going "live" on your fan page, improve the quality of your fan page and avoid spamming your existing audience.

What is a Facebook Dark Post (Unpublished Post)?

When you have a facebook fan page, you can use the power editor to create a "dark post." A dark post is a post that exists but doesn't show up/go live on your fan page wall, but acts just like a post; people can like it, share it and comment on it.

You then promote the dark post via ads.

Why would you want a post that doesn't show up on your fan page?
  1. Better User Experience for People Who Have Liked Your Page:

    You can promote the same product over and over again via a newsfeed ad, without annoying the people who have liked your page by constantly posting about the same thing over and over and filling their newsfeed with the same offer (looking like a spammer). You just exclude the people who are connected to your page in your targeting and promote away.

  2. Better User Experience for People Who Visit Your Page:

    You can avoid having your fan page be filled with posts about the same offer over and over (looking like a spammer), and instead have a high quality fan page that people will want to visit again.

  3. Optimization:

    Now, you can now split test your post promoting that product (or any other kind of post) for social engagement, conversion rates etc and then "publish" the best version of the post on your fan page once or once in awhile.

More About Dark Posts

Facebook Ads Tip: How to Create a Dark or Unpublished Facebook Post - Jon Loomer Digital

(Note: I just created my first dark post yesterday, but someone asked me what this was in another thread. I saw that no one had posted about this, so if you know more about dark posts, please add it to this thread.)
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    A dark post is also great if you have an existing audience that likes one type of content and you want to get a different type of message out to a different audience. For example, if you have a faith based audience but want to build awareness for another one of your hobbies or passions, you can promote that post without sharing it with your existing fans instead of creating an entirely new page.

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    Good to know there is that feature. Since I can't like yet, as at the time of making this post. I'd use a comment to say thank you Alyses.
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    Great tip. Thanks.

    This is perfect for testing status update links using different images, etc. I love promoting status update links because conversion is high and ad prices are decent being a FB property.
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