How did Mark from Facebook create the first users of his website?

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Hey, apart from being an entrepreneur who is trying to build a community and a vision for his website, how to 'Geekly' kickstart the website at the very beginning? Lets say you have a clear idea and the website set-up is done already. How to progress with the second step of getting visitors to my 'classifieds & Servies' style of website. I mean i need to attract those who are looking for something in their cities and those who can offer that thing. Is the only way to spend money? Shall i fake too many users and ads? How did Mark get his first users i dont get it
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    I've got 7500 members on one of my sites. I started with 1.

    User #1 came from a forum link, but users #2 - #1500 mostly came from Google AdWords advertising. Really you can't beat advertising to get a site off the ground.
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    He get the first users by asking his friends
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    FaceBook started out as a site for high school kids to talk to all of their friends.

    They liked it, so they told all of their friends about it.
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    Word of mouth, people not wanting to be 'left out'. He made it exclusive and something people wanted to be part of.

    Watch The Social Network movie!

    For your own site, find out where your target audience hangs out online, become a member of the community and get them excited.

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    As David suggested, watch the movie The Social Network. He was surprised at how fast it went viral and that is how Facebook really took off but it was initially done just to prove it could be and as a bit of fun in college.

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    He made his close friends to use it first and then they asked thier friends to use it and the thing gone viral.
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    The social network explains it all...all word of mouth and a little hacking lol
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