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I'm currently running a highly targeted campaign aimed at about 250,000 people and advertising straight into the newsfeeds only. I've set the bid on the PPC at .25c and after a couple of days I've only managed to reach 800 people but the CTR is just under .5.

I'd be happy with this overall CTR, but want to extend the reach.

My question is: if I increase the PPC bid to .50c or higher, will this extend the reach and is it more or less likely to hold the CTR?

Many thanks for any advice!
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    You probably should increase CTR - because it is quite low for news feed - so write better ad or even more important use good image for CTR.

    Also, remember to target the right audience.
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    What's in the image you're using? Remember to use solid uniform backgrounds/nature images; those have higher CTR.

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    Are you exhausting your daily budget before the end of day? Try experimenting with both higher bid and daily budget. And yes, low cpc does limits your actual reach.

    As far as CTR is concerned, if the targeting remains the same (interest targeting etc.), then the CTR usually does holds the CTR. (since you generated similar results from similar but smaller demographic targeting).
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    Changing your images to be more appealing will increase your CTR very fast, make sure you include the call to action. some people need a little nudge to click your ads.
    Also you can run your campaigns when most people are probably online to increase your ctr. Am planning on hiring a designer to make the Images attractive to capture more people.
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      I have done facebook ads for quite some time but never for the news feed. But let me share with you some of my neat tricks that I have used to push up my CTR.

      Trick 1 - If it is dating related, legs are great attention grabbers and the FB teams aren't that anal about hot sexy legs.

      Trick 2 - Play with the hue. Make it purple, orange, pink and test.

      Trick 3 - Play with saturation. Set saturation to zero and you get black and white images. It is really stand out among the colorful ads.

      Trick 4 - I know it's very rustic and old school style. But it still work! There is no one color that will fit everything. You just gotta to split test.

      In my experience, there are times whereby high CTRs does not mean high Conversion rate. Sometimes, you can write a good ads with a good image but when people actually click through and land on your LP or FB page, they might get disappointed and refuse to convert.

      I do consider high CTRs as important factors but CV is also important or cost per like.

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    To extend the reach you can try out the following

    1 - work on your audience targeting to increase estimated audience
    2 - increase the PPC bid (this method will saturate after a while) . Will it result in increased reach? depends on your niche and how others are bidding
    3 - try to improve your CTR (images)
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