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Hi All,

I have tried many different techniques when promoting my product via Facebook ads, we get a great amount of traffic but just not enough sales. Can anyone advise on some crucial FacebookAds marketing tips?
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    Originally Posted by Scoot7 View Post

    we get a great amount of traffic but just not enough sales.
    If you are getting the traffic but no sales then I suggest you look at 3 things:

    1. Relevance from your ad to landing page and product.
    2. Are you targeting the right people?
    3. Are you split testing your landing pages?

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    hey Scoot7. Whatever that niche your product is in you have to make sure that you are specifically targeting for that product. So...maybe change your ad copy up, or maybe even change your title or your picture...teat test test and test again.
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      Sometimes Facebook is not always ideal for getting sales. Try Google AdWords, Google AdWords for Video (YouTube ads), LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, mobile ads, and then compare all of the results. While Facebook ads can work great, they often are not useful for driving immediate sales. For many hot niche products like weight loss, the ad campaigns need to be linked to conversion tracking and the ads matched up exactly with the offer. Stories of success tend to work the best.

      Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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    I have tried extremely targeted offers to a focused group and they won't buy.
    People are on FB to socialise not buy stuff, UNLESS they are looking for something to buy in the first place.

    Simplistic suggestions will not help.

    Mobile Sites/Web Sites/Mobile Marketing

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    a lot depends on what you are trying to sell, given that Ad "blindness" is a huge problem all over the internet, I believe to convert you really have to get the traffic into a place where buying is where you take them.

    That used to be a lot easier to do, but again its all about the product that you are selling, if you are one out of twenty thousand people all promoting the same product then its likely you would need a lot more targeted traffic.
    "Everything goes where attention flows..."
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    Tweak your landing page. Also, make sure your ad mentions a discount or deal your potential customer might want to use (such as 'this day only, 24 hour deal).
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    Run your ads to a facebook fanpage post. Make sure you target the right audience.
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